All New Corolla Cross SUV 2020 2021-22 Hybrid Premium for Sale Export

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All New Corolla Cross SUV 2020 2021-22 Hybrid Premium for Sale Export

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All New Corolla Cross SUV Hybrid Export,

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Toyota Corolla Cross SUV Specification

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Toyota Motor Thailand has launched the Corolla Cross, a five-door family car powered by a powerful Toyota C-HR engine, available in a 1.8-liter hybrid petrol and a 1.8-liter in-line petrol. The Corolla Cross is also included. With technology and functionality to connect multiple applications. Corolla Cross is in the same group as Toyota C-HR / Nissan Kicks / Honda HR-V / MG HS / Mazda CX-30 for Toyot Corolla Cross is a car. With a price of approximately 1.1 million baht, which has the largest body size in comparison to competitors, except MG HS.

Toyota Corolla Cross model, gasoline hybrid engine Automatic transmission CVT

– Hybrid Premium Safety, price

– Hybrid Premium price

– Hybrid Smart price

Toyota Corolla Cross model with gasoline engine Automatic transmission CVT

– 1.8 Sport,

Special price

The Corolla CROSS uses a grille shape similar to the modern Toyota cars. The shape of the vehicle has a larger body dimension than the Toyota C-HR. The cabin has enough space. The luggage space can be varied. Including sound collection that has been adjusted to be able to prevent sound from outside as well. Electric tail cover with sensors to open – close the electric tailgate with Kick activated (using a leg sweeping to the area under the rear bumper). Surround view camera. With a 3D view (Panoramic view monitor) new vehicle structure TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) Toyota Safety Sense safety system Corolla Cross versatile vehicle is available in two engines: a four-cylinder, 1.8-liter gasoline engine, both standard and model. Hybrid generation 4

The body dimensions of the Toyota Corolla Cross are 4,460 mm in length, 1,825 mm in width, 1,620 mm in height, 2,640 mm in wheelbase, 1,559 mm in front wheel spacing, 1,571 mm in rear wheel spacing, 18-inch alloy wheels, 4 michelin primacy tires, 225 / 50R18.

The Toyota Corolla Cross will be exported from the Toyota Gateway Assembly Plant, a passenger car factory located in Chachoengsao Province. From the 13th of July this Corolla Cross is a car model created by Thai people. Which are exported to various countries around the world under the Thai production skills The concept of this car is to take the Corolla’s DNA to evolve it into a utility vehicle.The Toyota Corolla is Toyota’s best-selling model in the world, and it is said that the Corolla is Toyota since the Corolla’s release. The first model in Japan in 1966 and is the best-selling car. It has been sold in 150 countries around the world. With cumulative sales of 48 million vehicles

Toyota Corolla Cross designed for use in the city (Urban Toughness) design and wide wheelbase. The new structure TNGA (toyota new global architecture) developed by designing the body rigidity, low center of gravity, the cabin increases the driver’s visibility. By reducing blind spots (VISIBILITY)

Toyota Corolla Cross has a unique exterior. Comes with electric moonroof, roof rail, LED headlights and taillights, 18-inch alloy wheels.

Interior in perfect harmony with new red interior color Terra Rossa, a 7-inch MID (Multi Information Display) driving information display.

Toyota Corolla Cross, the hybrid engine model, is the result of Toyota’s continuous development of the hybrid system. SERIES-PARALLEL HYBRID or a series-parallel hybrid system offers increased efficiency. It is a drive system that combines the advantages of Series and Parallel together. To make the most of and is a system that Toyota chooses to use, the function of the system depends on the driving conditions. Whether the motor is driven solely for a short time Or use both motor and engine power in combination to drive In this system, the motor can also transmit power to the front axle, even though it is charging.

inverter with converter assembly
Toyota’s hybrid 4 system is designed for the inverter with converter assembly to be compact and lightweight. Can quickly boost high voltage by mounted on top of the gearbox. The hybrid battery is a ni-mh battery DC 201.6 V168 Cell 6 cell x 28 modules, a battery located under the rear seat with a dust filter and electric cooling fan, with an auxiliary battery installed in the engine compartment. EN Type LN1 auxiliary battery

The 2-motor unit embedded in the gearbox is a 600V P610 hybrid transaxle
MG1 / MG2, water-cooled, the C-HR MG 1 electric motor has a maximum voltage of AC600 V, a maximum power of 53 kW. MG 2 has a maximum torque of 163 Nm, a maximum voltage of AC600 V, a hybrid system from the Toyota brand offers a small electric motor, power 72 horsepower, torque from the motor is 163 Nm, a Ni-MH hybrid battery combined. Combining both the engine and motor power, the C-HR has a maximum output of 122 horsepower. The powertrain uses an E-CVT automatic transmission, with MG-1 and MG-2 motors embedded in the gearbox to enhance torque and charge the battery. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 11.3 seconds.

The 2ZR-FXE in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine is a twin-cam engine. Double Overheat Cam Sharp DOHC 16-valve (4 valves per cylinder) with cylinder head mechanism with Atkinson intake system and VVT-i variable valve timing, volume capacity 1.8 liters, with hybrid power system incorporating electric motor. New battery with improved cooling system Battery warranty 10 years battery life with charger in Hybrid system with motor in two power units (MG1 / MG2) Atkinson cycle gasoline engine 4 valves per cylinder size 1,798 cc, maximum power 90 kW or 120 horsepower at 5,200 rpm, maximum torque (from pure engine) 142 Nm at 3,600 rpm, 1.8-liter engine, hybrid system, the latest gen 4 Developing a more efficient battery Toyota claims that the Corolla Cross has an average fuel consumption of 23.3 kilometers per liter. Emits only 98 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. As for the gasoline model 1. 8 liters has an average fuel consumption of 15.4 kilometers per liter. Emits 150 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

The engine of the Corolla Cross 1.8 Sport, the lowest version without a hybrid system. It is a four-cylinder, 4-valve-per-cylinder in-line petrol engine with variable valve system Dual VVT-i (two-side variations, both intake and exhaust valves), a 16-valve DOHC twin-cam engine with a capacity of 1.8 liters, 1,798 cc. Bore 80.5 mm,
stroke 88.3 mm, compression ratio 10.0: 1, fuel injection with EFI electronic nozzle, support fuel. 95/91 / E20 / E85 The 2ZR-FBE gasoline engine has a maximum horsepower of 103 kW or 140 hp at 6,000 rpm, maximum torque of 175 Nm or 17.8 kg / m at 4,000 rpm.The transmission uses a CVT automatic transmission with Shift Lock as CVT transmission, variable ratio 7-speed

The TNGA platform is used in conjunction with the newly developed rigid suspension. To adjust the suspension to have a good road grip performance But still soft and comfortable at all levels Improves stability, both driving straight and while cornering. Makes driving more agile, confident, better visibility

Luggage space up to 487 liters in addition to the cabin. Features a large rear door that allows passengers to get on and off with ease. And also has a design that has a right height above the head with airiness, not uncomfortable, comes with an electric automatic open-close tailgate with a Kick Activated tailgate opening-closing sensor for added convenience in luggage storage. Power adjustable driver’s seat Dual Zone automatic air conditioning system The backrest can recline 6 degrees, the back armrest with cup holders Air vents and USB ports for rear passengers

Safety, safety
devices and environmental performance of the Toyota Corolla Cross are developed to inherit the DNA of the Corolla family. Toyota Safety Sense
systems such as pre-collision safety systems. (Pre-Collision System)
Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist (Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist),
automatic deceleration control and adjustment system, and help control the car in the middle of the lane (Dynamic Radar Cruise Control with Lane Tracing Assist)
system Automatic high beams control,
camera, surround view. With a 3D view (Panoramic View Monitor),
Blind Spot Monitor, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert,
airbags, safety system, SRS 7 positions (Air Bags )

9-inch touchscreen connection supports Apple CarPlay and T-Connect.

Toyota says its main target customers are families with diverse lifestyles and a modern twist. Especially the main selling point of this car is comfort and safety for the whole family. The hybrid engine is fuel-efficient, quiet, low-emission, and FTS (Fleet Telematics Service) is a comprehensive fleet management system for business customers. To help keep track of Plan to use the car And control usage Including the chauffeurs comfortably and efficiently With a real time display system with detailed information on various statuses Of the car body and the use of the car

Toyota Corolla Cross body color

– Metal Stream Metallic
– Red Mica Metalli
– Attitude Black Mica
– Celestite Gray Metallic
– Platinum White Pearl *
– Nebula Blue
– Graphite Metallic

All New Isuzu MU-x 2021 Available at Trust Motors Thailand

All New Isuzu mux Export,

Isuzu mux 2021 for sale ,

the hero comes! Shining models and prices ISUZU NEW MU-X

And then he came, Isuzu launched a multi-purpose vehicle, 5-7 seats, All New Isuzu MU-X , the latest PPV SUV. All new replacement, head, end note, all-purpose new Focus on luxury With technology, ISUZU MATRIX SAFETY INTELLIGENCE complete, ADAS driver assistance system with front camera Develop new driving performance Emphasis on softness, better balance and full safety system This seems to be a car with a more active safety system than a comparable competitor, ever! 


Models and prices
Isuzu New MU-X is available in 4 models with sub-models including

Isuzu New MU-X Ultimate 1.9 A / T 4×2 
Isuzu New MU-X Ultimate 3.0 A / T 4×2 
Isuzu New MU-X Ultimate 3.0 A / T 4×4 

Isuzu New MU-X Elegant 1.9 A / T 4×2 

Isuzu New MU-X Luxury 1.9 A / T 4×2 
Isuzu New MU-X Luxury 1.9 M / T 4×2 

Isuzu New MU-X Active 1.9 A / T 4×2 

Development of the New MU-X into a versatile passenger car that fully meets the needs of the daily use of people today. For the versatility that is designed to meet the lifestyle of the new generation. There are 3S driving performance enhancements including

1. Stability and stability

2. Softness and comfort (Softness)

3. Safety and road holding (Safety and Road Holding)

Completely redesigned platform structure based on the ISUZU Symmetric Mobility concept, the bodywork, chassis, engine positioning and suspension work together as one. New safety system ISUZU MATRIX SAFETY INTELLIGENCE for SUVs. Put a lot And it is probably the most safe PPV compared to the Fortuner or Pajero. 

Security of the new MU-X

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) with smart dual front cameras, 3D Imaging Stereo Camera helps to detect objects. With Real Time 3D image scanning, more accurate than conventional mono camera systems, working with 2-point radar and 8-point sensors around the vehicle, the latest advancement safety technology, ISUZU MATRIX SAFETY INTELLIGENCE developed for all safety systems. Working together as one powerful ADAS technology (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) driver assistance systems. Equipped with sensors and surveillance cameras with innovative dual front cameras, 3D Imaging Stereo Camera is more accurate than conventional mono cameras, detecting road lines and objects in front of the car in real time with clear dimensions with 2 radar and 8 sensors. All basic safety systems such as ABS, EBD, BA, BOS, ESC, TCS, HSA, HDC and TSC.

ADAS security technologies include

ACC (Full Speed ??Range Adaptive Cruise Control)
Variable cruise control. With Stop
and Go function

FCW (Forward Collision Warning) warning
system before collision forward.

AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking)
Automatic emergency braking system

LDW (Lane Departure Warning)
system alerts the outside lane.

AHB (Automatic High Beam) Automatic high beam control system.

PMM (Pedal Misapplication Mitigation) The
system cuts off the engine power when the accelerator pedal is faulty.

MSL (Manual Speed ??Limiter)
The maximum speed limit system is set manually.

BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring) Blind Spot Warning System

RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert),
vehicle reverse warning system

Parking Aid System

MCB (Multi-Collision Brake)
automatic braking system after an accident Help reduce the chance of repeated accidents.

Isuzu New MU-X is available in 4 models
: Ultimate, Elegant, Luxury and Active
with a special price.Introduction range starts from 1,109,000 baht to 1,579000 baht,

Isuzu New MU-X 2020 with its first world debut in Thailand. To be Isuzu’s new flagship car that is ready to create the Next Normal phenomenon for the Thai multipurpose vehicle industry. In addition, Isuzu also announced that All Isuzu models in Thailand reached 5 million units in October.

Emotional & Solid concept, World Cross Flow grille, perfectly blending various textures of decorative materials, Bi-LED Projector headlights, Arrow Signature design, aligned with the side lines, LED taillights, Winglet Signature design, 3-Line LED lamps. 20 “large alloy wheels in the Ultimate model, size 18” in the Elegant and Luxury models, and size 17 “in the Active model.

EMBRACE YOUR EXQUISITE LUXURY Spacious cabin Design concept, Fine, Rich & amp; Impressive Craftsmanship. Provide convenient equipment for all functions and complete functionality With the Integrated Cockpit design, the front console is connected as one with the center console, the electric handbrake and the Auto Brake Hold system. And automatically release the brake when touching the gas pedal Luxury design seats in Saddle Brown color, sewing with special materials The thread is sewn with luxury leather, COOLMAX technology to reduce heat build-up. Multi-function steering wheel with Sequential Paddle Shift. Change gear by finger touch. Power Tailgate opening-closing system, prevent the door from clamping with Jam Protection, entertainment system technology Decorative lighting in the cabin, Ambient Light and Dome Light 

Isuzu New MU-X 2020 completelyredesigned the platform structure Revised suspension Body structure, chassis, engine positioning And the suspension works together perfectly. Independent front suspension, double wishbone, double wishbone, new top wishbone mounting points With coil spring, gas shock absorber and large stabilizer bar Famous 5- Link Suspension New beam anchors were designed. And stabilizer bar to lengthen With coil spring And gas shock absorbers To create the best 3S driving experience and performance, including

Stability and stability (Stability)

, softness, comfort (Softness)

, safety and grip (Safety and Road Holding)

seat three rows. Designed to sit comfortably on all 7 seats with adjustable folding in various forms according to use.

Electrically adjustable front seats Driver’s side is 8-way adjustable and the passenger’s seat can be adjusted in 4 directions.

ISUZU Ultimate Entertainment Entertainment System, a large 9-inch infotainment display, supports Apple CarPlay wirelessly and Android Auto (compatible smartphone models) with 8 speakers providing a surround sound dimension.

Dual Zone automatic air conditioning system, independent left-right With PM 2.5

Charging Station dust filter, supports a wide variety of electrical devices including USB Fast Charger, AC Power Socket 220V connector and DC 12V

Power Tailgate connector, electric tailgate opening-closing system with Jam Protection system,

ISUZU Genius Entry key. Start the engine with Remote Engine Start and open and close the electric tailgate.

3.0 Ddi Blue Power and 1.9 Ddi Blue Power Gen 2 engines, 4-cylinder in-line diesel engine, highly efficient turbo-charged air. With options in the transmission With options Both automatic and manual transmission with 6-speed drivetrain It is available in both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive systems with Rough Terrain Mode drivetrain in 4-wheel drive models, helping to optimize engine and braking controls. To be able to wade through obstacles on the off-road better, work on both 2H, 4H and 4L

engine 3.0 Ddi Blue Power maximum power 190 horsepower, maximum torque 450 Nm,

engine 1.9 Ddi Blue Power Gen 2, maximum power 150 Horsepower and maximum torque of 350 Nm –

with both a 6-speed automatic transmission with Rev Tronic and Sequential Paddle Shift modes, delivering speed and smooth gear changes. And a 6-speed manual transmission with Genius Sport Shift system, continuous gear ratio The drive system is available in both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive systems, with the 4-wheel drive system being electrically modified. Controlled via the Terrain Command switch. In addition, the 4-wheel drive model has Rough Terrain Mode to help control the operation of the engine. And brakes properly to be able to pass obstacles, work both 2H, 4H and 4L

Isuzu New MU-X is available in 4 models with sub-models including

Isuzu New MU-X Ultimate 1.9 A / T 4×2 
Isuzu New MU-X Ultimate 3.0 A / T 4×2 
Isuzu New MU-X Ultimate 3.0 A / T 4×4 

Isuzu New MU-X Elegant 1.9 A / T 4×2 

Isuzu New MU-X Luxury 1.9 A / T 4×2 
Isuzu New MU-X Luxury 1.9 M / T 4×2 

Isuzu New MU-X Active 1.9 A / T 4×2 

Isuzu New MU-X is available in 6 colors:

Marrakesh Brown
, Dolomite Pearl White
, Etna Red
, Bavarian Black Mica
, Iceberg Silver
, Bohemia Silver Bohemian Silver Metallic
Isuzu New MU-X price 

Isuzu MU-X the Exclusive, a program that offers a variety of privileges that can meet every superior lifestyle. Including restaurants, leading hotels, or other entertainment activities Including special promotions from Isuzu With convenient use via the my- Isuzu web application 


$31 600

Included Taxes & Checkup


Toyota Corolla Cross SUV 20212022 Export
1.8 L


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