About Trust Motors Thailand

We source vehicles cost direct from Japanese auctions and ship them to clients around the world.

While we specialize in importing vehicles to Thailand, we can ship virtually any eligible vehicle to any country.

Our service is a very cost effective way to buy a vehicle as you only pay the actual cost plus our low service fee.

In addition to getting a better vehicle for a lower price, in most cases you will actually save much more than our fee thanks to inside access to the import process combined with our years of experience.

You pay virtually the same for export costs, shipping and compliance as any large dealer or importer would, without any knowledge of the business or volume discounts.

No hidden costs ever ! We started this business in 2005 to protect other enthusiasts like us from being overcharged and misled.

You select your own vehicle from the many choices on offer each week. We guide you gently throughout the process, and there is never any pressure.

All vehicles are physically checked by our reliable agents on the ground at auction, with full details and pictures discussed with you.

We only source the best vehicles with genuine kms.

As we don’t own any of the vehicles, our interest is always the same as yours — accurate descriptions and finding the very best vehicle for your budget.
Once successful at auction, we organise the import process efficiently with regular contact and provide assistance until your vehicle is on the road.
We aim to make it a simple, relaxed and enjoyable process, and we focus on being professional and helpful with good, old-fashioned customer service.
Why not get in touch and see for yourself !

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