2019 -2020 Nissan NP300 Navara Black Edition Export Seychelles Trinidad Zimbabwe

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2019 -2020 Nissan NP300 Navara Black Edition Export Seychelles Trinidad Zimbabwe

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1. Introduce Nissan Navara Black Edition

Already said in the pickup truck market in Thailand The most popular type now is inevitable in the form of a “four door” that can help meet the needs of more car users. Regardless of the requirements of the car users The four-door pick-up is the choice that covers all the answers. The most condition. And with the special version of the four-door version of Nissan Navara and Nissan Navara Black Edition, this model that is not a popular model is at the head of the market compared to other camps. But there are many interesting things that cannot be overlooked For those who are looking for a four-door version of the finished version from a factory and this is the Nissan Navara “Black Edition”, a pickup version from Navara.

Nissan Navara Black Edition, the finished version of the factory That comes with more aggression than it used to be

Nissan has unveiled the protagonist’s version of the pickup truck, such as Navara, which came with the name “Black Edition” in the early years of 2017 to increase excitement and more choices. Under the concept of “Innovation That Excite”, hoping for those looking for a pickup truck that is more than “special”. Unlike the general road running version and Nissan, it is interesting in the name of Nissan Navara Black Edition.

Nissan Navara Black Edition is made to add options for those who like to stand out. And different from the general version of Navara

With the obvious specialties when first looking at the Navara version of the Black Edition, which is probably better suited to be a match against the pick-up version from other camps, whether it’s Toyota Rocco, Isuzu V-Cross , Mitsubishi Triton Athlete or Ford Wildtrak from a more aggressive and special modification than the ordinary version Unfortunately, Nissan does not make sub-models that are four-wheel drive models.

In the fourth generation of the driver will be in another version named Nissan Navara SportTECH, which, when compared to the Black Edition, can say that Navara Black Edition looks a lot more aggressive! We went to see the price of each model of the Nissan Navara Black Edition. What’s better?

Nissan Navara Black Edition price,
King Cab version (double door), Caliber E 6MT, price
Double Cab model (four doors), Caliber E6 MT
Double Cab model (four doors),

2. External review of Nissan Navara Black Edition

The special exterior of Navara Black Edition , especially in the four-door version of the Double Cab, is full of all the brutality. In addition to highlighting the use of red as a promotion model Will come with a cool black graphic sticker on the car There are many points that are decorated with black tones to match the concept of model name. Starting from the front grille being changed to all black, LED projector headlights (black) with daytime running lights, fog light frame. Door handles and side mirrors are decorated in black. Such as single, side ladder and rear bumper Increasing the fierceness with wheel arches, both sides which are used as black sides. In order to cut the color of the 18-inch alloy wheels, the shiny black color fits well Fulfilling perfection, the ordinary version of Navara cannot be

Vehicle dimensions:  Navara Black Edition

  • Length (mm): 5255
  • Width (mm): 1850
  • High (mm): 1785
  • Wheelbase (mm): 3150
  • Car floor height (mm): 218

Outside Navara

Outside Navara

Outside Navara
The outside looks more aggressive. With a decorative tone that draws black to help and bulky side bulge

3. Reviews within Nissan Navara Black Edition

If comparing the serial, the difference between the normal version of Navara and the Black Edition may not see the difference in the interior. Because in this special decoration, only special things are placed on the outside Just in this Black Edition version, Cruise Control will automatically control all sub-models at every price. The interior still retains Navara’s original fine materials and furnishings. The polyurethane material steering wheel is multi-function. Dashboard panels and interior are mainly decorated in black tones, alternating with materials that are Piano Black and metallic silver. The seat is covered with black fabric, can be adjusted in 6 directions for the driver’s side. And 4-way adjustable seats. The dial indicator shows driving data to be a 3D display. The infotainment system comes with a 7-inch touch screen supporting all entertainment including DVD, MP3, USB, HDMI with 6 speakers. This special edition of the Black Edition does not allow the air conditioner to automatically separate left and right. Is also just a simple push button But still good for the air-conditioner for the rear seat passengers to come with Cool and comfortable in every position, sitting No problem, cold air is not reached for the four-door model. The cabin is wide.

Within Navara

Within Navara
The interior is no different from the general Navara with all basic equipment.

Within Navara
The air conditioner for the rear seats is also provided. No problem, the air conditioner is not

4. Nissan Navara Black Edition Engine Review

In Navara, the engine is divided into two grades of diesel under the same code. YD25DDTi at higher grades will get 190 horsepower with 450 Nm torque and another grade in Navara Black Edition will be used as a 2.5L Common Rail engine. 4-cylinder, 4-cylinder DOHC 16 valve VGS variable turbo, compatible with intercooler The maximum horsepower can be rolled to 163 horsepower and the torque is 403 Nm, with the standard idea Euro4 delivered. The rear wheel drive is via 7 speed automatic transmission with Manuel Mode (and there are 6 manual transmission models to choose from).

The engine for Navara Black Edition is not the strongest engine of Navara.

Performance details of Nissan Navara Black Edition (four-door model, Double Cab)

  • Body weight (kg): 1880
  • Speed ??0-100 kilometers per hour (seconds): N / A
  • maximum speed (Kilometers per hour): N / A
  • Total consumption in the Eco Sticker (km per liter): 13.2
5. Nissan Navara Black Edition Safety Review

Zone Body safety structure protects passengers when an accident occurs. Unfortunately, Nissan gave the air bag with Navara Black Edition for only two pairs. Even though it is the highest sub-model at the price of the Caliber EL 7AT 935,500 baht, because in the highest specification, Navara comes in both air bags. And the air bag around the driver’s knee In driving more confident when equipped with ABS brake system with EBD and BA with automatic oil valve cut system when the car is overturned The key that is supplied is the Intelligent Immobilizer key provided with the anti-theft alarm. Rear view camera for safer and easier driving

Navara Black Edition, even the top version of this model Also given only the front air bag

6. Summary

Navara Black Edition works well outside, looks aggressive, most notably when running on the road, not least in front of many competitors. The version that is the original version is from the factory as well. Using a sleek black tone is an important aid that makes this Navara look good, perfect for modern times. The most important is the “bulging side” of the four wheels that make the car body look bigger than ever. Fill the mood to the full level of off-road, making the original Navara look boring. Change into another version until almost impossible to remember.

Full featured, but externally But the equipment in use is outstanding. Nissan also has a higher price version.

But there is a bad point that looks like Nissan is still confused in the needs of customers. Do not understand how much the real needs When in the Black Edition version, the outside is full of emotion and style. But there is no four-wheel drive model to choose from Including the engine that still put the block at the horsepower specification, just starting at 163 horsepower, to come up with this fierce look, likely to get a 190 horsepower engine to come, as well as the equipment as well Both in terms of usage and safety are another disappointing part. Regardless of the number of air bags The system helps to drive both the balance control system, the wheel protection system. Or the camera looks around the car that is conducive to make driving safer. Nissan has returned to the line, but with the top four models of SportTECH, as if the special version of Navara Black Edition is just that. Really full, but only outside

With this horse-mounted pickup truck, Navara Black Edition, looks handsome, perfectly fit, but falls back to death in the equipment. “How much is still enough to use the basic applications that are still considered to be the standard of this era. Then, for you, Navara Black Edition


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