Tonneau cover or Superlid

Tonneau cover or Superlid

Putting a tonneau cover on your 4×4 is one of the best upgrades you can add to your pickup. A tonneau cover increases gas mileage, protects your valuables and looks great on your truck. Hard or soft tonneaus, roll-ups, tilts, tool boxes, even motorized tonneaus. Fiberglass, metal and faux-leather tonneau covers. All of our tonneau covers are custom designed for your specific truck. The tonneau cover will create a more aerodynamic profile and improve your fuel economy. Tools, gear, luggage or anything else you lock under a tonneau cover is less likely to “walk off”. And, anything you put in a tonneau-covered bed is sheltered from the elements. With fiberglass, metal and leatherette vinyl options, there’s a great looking tonneau cover that’s just your style. Most of our tonneau covers take just minutes to install.


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