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Technical documentation of Toyota Hilux REVO, thickness 71 pages, play me and friends. The press was confused as a chicken with a broken eye. The new technology that Toyota Motor engineers have put into the REVO Double Cab 4×2 / 4×4 model takes quite a bit of time to understand the work of various systems inside the Hilux REVO car in the morning of June 8, 2015, which It is the first REVO test drive day in Thailand. If anyone passes around Phitsanulok Provincial Airport In the late hours of the day, you will see a fleet of Hilux REVO Double Cab models, both with two-wheel drive Prerunner 4×2 and the top-of-the-line Hilux REVO 2.8G AT Double Cab 4×4, lined up in front of Phitsanulok airport. On the first test drive, the 1st team media will drive Hilux REVO from Phitsanulok Airport to Khao Kho in Phetchabun Province. Through the checkpoint at the Nam Nao National Park checkpoint Heading to Nong Bua Lam Phu Province Passed Khon Kaen and ended the test driving of the REVO in Udon Thani Province. Total distance in the media’s first test in the latest pickup truck from Sam Wong camp 394 kilometers

Appearance after the launch day that can only be seen inside the event. When coming out in the sun in the bright sunshine like this, I can see the details of the car Hilux REVO Double Cab Prerunner 4×2, price 1,099,000 baht (one million, ninety-nine thousand baht). Going from the unique proportions of the front of the Hilux REVO and the lift-up buttocks are also similar to the Hilux Vigo like sheep, if you do not notice the handle area that opens the rear lid, it will be very similar. The protruding front, according to the design style of the Toyota designers team, matches the headlights perfectly. The ridges of the bonnet have been raised to complement the look of cruelty in the form of popular pickup trucks. The large front spoiler covers most of the REVO front end for the body dimensions of the Hilux REVO Prerunner 2.8G AT test vehicle, which is a clear blue 4×2 Double Cab model. It has a body as good as the previous model in the new REVO Double Cab Prerunner, which is added to the freshness with more detailing of the car body for the typical beauty of the pickup truck plus new equipment. Put in to be unlimited

The length of the car Hilux REVO Prerunner 5,330 mm, width 1,855 mm and height 1,815 mm, wheelbase 3,085 mm, width of the front-rear wheelbase 1540/1550 mm, the height proportions for wading, measured from under the belly to the ground 286 The side panels look better than the previous model thanks to the perfectly designed wheel arch side protrusions, especially the rear wheel arch protrusions that align with the side of the Hilux REVO 2.8G AT Double body panels. The Cab Prerunner 4×2 also makes it easy to get in and out of the taller cabin with the ease of getting in and out of a younger size. Big elephant, 17-inch alloy wheels, 6-spoke design, solid silver, wrapped in a compact, semi-smooth off-road tire of Bridgestone, the Dueler A / T model, is a popular print pickup truck tire installed at the factory.

The Dueler A / T tire size 265 / 65R17 112S 693III all four wheels can be used for moderate maneuvers or for use on flat terrain, they work well as off-road tires for pickup trucks and domestic SUVs but there are Price is expensive as well. As for the rear door of the REVO 2.8G AT Double Cab Prerunner 4×2, it looks small, but when opened and stepped up to sit in the rear passenger seat, it can easily enter or exit the car, not as cramped as expected. In the beginning A completely redesigned tailgate with a third brake light and a silver metal bumper, similar to the previous Hilux Vigo, the vertical tail lights with spare tire storage under the pickup floor remain. In the same position The tall body is perfect for off-road driving, but today’s test track, the new REVO test team will run across the provincial flat, with no harsh off-road tracks involved for bringing the Hilux REVO away. The off-road trial will take place in mid-this month in Khon Kaen Province.

Open the door, step into the cabin and you’ll find that the luxury Hilux REVO 2.8G AT Double Cab Prerunner 4×2 is on par with the Toyota Corolla New Altis in its center console style. Placement of the gear arch It features a multi-function display, a touch system and a muscular 3-spoke steering wheel. Its cab seats are wrapped in brown leather. Including the door panels and light-colored roof wrapping, the interior of the Hilux REVO 2.8G AT Double Cab Prerunner 4×2 has the luxury of embellishing the popular sedan’s equipment. The center console screen protrudes to make the touch of the monitor more comfortable without reaching for a lot of hands. Favorite and hit is the console that is clearly different from competing pickup trucks in terms of design. Color and ease of use built into the entire console. All digital air vents and climate control The top air vent has a digital clock in the center. Some work pieces are designed to have a suitable resolution such as Air direction adjustment box with engine start button, similar to a million dollar sedan. Another part of the hooligan’s mind is the instrument cluster of the Hilux REVO 2.8G AT Double Cab Prerunner with detail and interior colors like a Lexus, a luxury car under the banner of Toyota.

Blue tint gauge Use numbers and white hands for easy and clear reading. Both the white speedometer and the engine tachometer on the left In the center of the two gauges the MID or Multi information display, which uses a TFT display or Thin film transistor. Of the small screen, it will be found that the MID screen of the top secondary REVO version stuffed with the ability to notify various values. For example, the position of each door opening / trip meter a / b / outside temperature / calculate the volume of fuel consumption in liters per kilometer / fuel inside the tank per distance that can be reached. / Driving status and economy rating in ECO mode / 6-speed automatic gear position / etc.

The three-spoke steering wheel is wrapped in real leather, with a plump around the band, making it even more comfortable to grip. The stalk of the steering wheel is also equipped with an operating switch, such as an audio control switch. Various system mode switch through the center console monitor, such as audio mode. Satellite navigation mode External playback device mode Voice-activated switches and switches Pick up or place a wireless phone in the bluetooth system. Cruise control for the two-wheel drive shifter, available in 5-speed manual gearbox and 6-speed automatic torque converter with shifter and shifter. Designed for precision gear position selection. The serrated design of the gear groove prevents any mis-shift of the gear lever.

Right beside the Hilux REVO 2.8G AT Double Cab Prerunner 4×2 shift lever, there are switches to select from two driving modes. Is ECO saving mode and sport mode or Power Mode to choose from The brake lever and armrest close to the handbrake lever are designed as a storage box for CD / DVD discs, while the temperature control unit is beautifully designed, similar to the Toyota Corolla New Altis sedan with digital air conditioning control. The rear air vents also come to help distribute the cool air. Blow to the rear passengers to cool down on hot days as well.

Using feelings to capture details The car’s body without using tools to test the car is extremely difficult to describe what is to be understood by those who are interested in the car. See and reach the test drive Toyota Hilux REVO 2.8G AT Double Cab Prerunner 4×2 that I am following my friends. The media head to the checkpoint at the Nam Nao National Park checkpoint. There is a good sitting posture. The tall and long high of this It measures 286 millimeters from the floor to the bottom, making it look like you’re sitting on the back of a big elephant. You can look further and see your surroundings from their height. The size of the car extends to 5,330 mm with the buttocks ratio as high as the Eiffel Tower. Without a rear view camera attached, it will be very difficult. In the reverse phase When driving from the airport into the highway paved across the province not far away The hydraulic steering wheel of the REVO started symptoms by sending details through the suspension straight to the driver’s wrist. Driving in town on a 2.8-liter, 4-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-cylinder diesel engine with 177 horsepower VN Turbo variable speed, it has the agility of the torque range, not unlike the 2015 Mitsubishi Triton and Nissan Navara NP300. How much As for the thing that is clearly different, bright red is the suspension of the Hilux REVO.

If you are looking for the softness to touch while driving, use the pickup truck Probably have to try to drive the Toyota Hilux REVO 2.8G AT Double Cab Prerunner 4×2 once said that it was soft and sticky in the pickup truck that did not boast of lying round. Or receive money to write to cheer for the sale in any way The car is good or bad. As soon as you go up for a test drive a short distance, you will know right away from the sensation it sends out the symptoms.The spring-loaded suspension has been completely redesigned in the latest Hilux, although the REVO suspension has its form and looks. Similar to the elder Hilux Vigo, but the details Of the suspension, they diagrams The width / length / height of various parts in the support system such as fork cylinders, the size of the tires used to cover the suspension is different in numerical terms. Including leaf spring length, K value of spring, stretching and shock absorber travel. Including the size of the ball joint, the bow, the transmission rod, the tire, the engine mount, the steering gear, the steering rod, the steering rod and the steering parts that differ in terms of dimensions, although not much, but immediately affect the feeling behind the wheel. Who have tried for a long time When my friends and the press ran through uneven or wavy roads.

Undercarriage of the Toyota Hilux REVO 2.8G AT Double Cab Prerunner 4×2 offers a sense of coziness and softness. Even if falling into a pit by the road like Jangber The suspension and its chassis did not emit the sound of slamming to be heard in the slightest. The effort to set up the support system during the development stage Which has been used for a period of time in the test run to adjust the support system on the REVO prototype vehicle for up to 3 years on routes across Thailand to adjust the suspension by giving a soft and quiet feeling before going to the production line This makes the Toyota Hilux REVO support system superior in the feeling of being softer and quieter than the support system in competing pickup trucks. Uneven roads or rough surfaces in some parts of the Nam Nao National Park, due to the construction of the road surface, as well as deliberately allowing the test media to experience the work of the undercarriage. REVO especially on this diverse cross-provincial route.

The PR team of Toyota Motor Thailand deliberately allows the media to test the Hilux REVO on a long distance of almost 400 kilometers full of long straight paths. The curves go up-down steep valleys in the cold water and Khao Kho. To prove that it itself has many strengths that will become a major selling point. From a long distance test drive, this Hilux REVO Double Cab Prerunner 4×2 feels good in control. Plus, it itself is not as massive as the 2015 Ford Ranger. Change of direction The acceleration and braking responses were satisfactory as well. Improved improvement of the latest version of Hilux from three rings. In addition to the durability of the loop, it also lies in the outstanding soundproofing. When running at the travel speed of 100-120 kilometers per hour The sound of wind in contact with the body and the sound of the tires crushing on the road surface is barely audible in the cabin. Adding materials to prevent foreign sound from the outside Thick rubber on the glass and door Design of various parts In particular, the chassis and body are focused on preventing external noise from sound absorption by soundproofing materials around the cabin. The wind noise and the noise of the tires are greatly reduced.

Hilux REVO Double Cab Prerunner 4×2 is suitable for long distance driving on legal travel speeds. Driving across the provinces in REVO is an unforgettable drive story. It has a comfortable seat, bottom and thick support, ready to tackle mid-range mud. Not too cruel as it is a 2-wheel drive model disguised as a 4-wheel drive model If you want to wade through the twinkle, you have to look at the more expensive all-wheel drive version, but not much. The all-wheeled version of the REVO Double Cab 4×4 can survive the brutal path. Absolutely better than the 2-wheel drive model, the style of the Hilux SR-5, which is a brutal pickup truck that is popularly used forestry, also returned to appear in the REVO of the ability to run. Engine durability The gears and suspension combined with the model freshness will definitely return the REVO to its sales championship throne.

In addition to the cool suspension of the new REVO, the diesel engine and 6-speed automatic transmission are capable of responding well on cross-provincial routes that run through steep canyons like this one.The 1GD-FTV engine ( High) capacity 2755 cc, responds well to acceleration when connected to a 6-speed automatic transmission, with an overdrive gear at the 6th gear position, helping to reduce engine revs for economy. The fuel consumption rate that many of you would like to know. Please let me know, to be honest, what driving in a wide variety of terrain conditions is not so accurate. The accelerator that is used continuously on hills that have to reduce gears or accelerate all the time, has a consumption figure of 11.2 kilometers per liter. It may seem a bit too much, but keep in mind that this test drive is not focused on economy, depending on the conditions of everyday use with mixed driving, fast, slow, alternate. Each stroke will be the base of the 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine with a range of 177 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque, more than enough for all roads across the country. Direct fire or common rail direct injection system works with precision. The tremors that were eliminated helped to stabilize the idle of the REVO with vibrations while stationary. Much less stationary

The 6-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Shift has a tripping position so the driver can shift or manually select the gear position when passing through steep mountains like this. Auto gear in D position changes the stroke by itself according to the program that is placed in the mechanical ECU, connected to the engine control box, 6-speed automatic gearbox with Sequential Shift, has good enough performance in the Tare torque Electrical mechanism prevents gear damage. From the wrong gear shifting when the engine cycle is not associated with gear shifting or lowering gears, it helps prevent premature transmission symptoms well. If you drive down the hill full of traffic using a high cycle. When trying to cram a low gear to use the engine brake If the engine revs are too high Gear protection system damaged from gear shifting by the driver’s body will immediately intervene. The gear protection system will not shift the gear down until the machine rotation cycle correlates with the gear rotation. It seems to be a bit of opposition when the gear won’t change if the engine is too high. But it also helps you do not have to go to the garage to repair or change gear prematurely. Expensive automatic gear life Which has a transmission protection mechanism that spreads like this to help prevent drivers who like to stuff their own gear up and down often It is like engineering of a transmission system that is pretty good as well. Which helps to make this automatic gear more tough and durable

The performance of the Hilux REVO Double Cab Prerunner 4×2 test car has been significantly improved. Little things added to fulfill the efficiency of use. This was made possible by development over three years of the testing team that has taken the Hilux REVO prototype to roam around the country. It is a stable pickup truck. Flexible and gives a feeling behind the wheel in a style that a good pickup should be Its weight is 1,950 kg. It does not cause any problems with the torque performance of the 2.8-liter diesel engine to drive the vehicle forward as directed. Let me tell you right here that Whenever you use a lift pick-up task It is strongly advised not to drive cornering at too much speed. The stabilization of a high lift pickup truck is greater than that of a sedan due to the proportion of the height of the suspension raised for wading.

In the Hilux REVO Double Cab Prerunner 4×2, the stabilizer has been reduced a lot, but there are still some, and it is the nature of this high lift pickup truck that cannot completely eliminate the stabilizer. It is therefore necessary to exercise caution when driving. Should be dressed up to be neat or to reduce the speed before breaking the steering wheel, jump along the curve up-down the mountain like this. There is no need In order to be dangerous for yourself and your family by driving the pickup truck up to speed too fast. Decrease your speed every time before taking a turn, even if the road is a familiar one. Especially when the rain falls on the mountain, you can lift the accelerator down for your safety. If you think you are extremely skilled and like to drive fast without paying attention to roadside warnings like a dangerous curve warning sign. Warning sign to reduce speed or use low gear when running downhill When you ignore the signs You might end up in the under the canyon. A tree along the way or it plunges into an irrigation canal is highly likely. Always drive a lift truck. Speed ??in relation to route conditions and safety considerations A cautious view of accidents will allow you and your family to reach your destination without a scratch. I do not believe I will, but driving as mentioned is safe, should try to do it yourself.

Running through three pine forests in Phetchabun, reminiscent of a pine forest in the Japanese city of Shizuoka, the rain suddenly pours down to play with your spine. When running on a mountain like this, the road surface has changed from that it used to dry to the point of slipping because the soil and rainwater covered the surface of the path. When encountering the rain on a raised pickup truck No matter how divine the hand is, it is worth slowing down to prevent slippage and braking that may have to be pressed deeply. Fortunately, the rain poured down for a while, and then stopped making it back to use the same travel speed as the caravan in Hilux REVO, this model has an aid that will sustain various symptoms of the car besides the Dynamic Control Suspension as shown. Toyota has already named it, REVO also has a new chassis, stripped of the FIRM or Frame with Integrated Rigidity Mechanism, which evolved from the advantages of the previous Hilux and then adjusted the new chassis to be more balanced. Above to boost sales By compressing safety equipment to make the New Hilux REVO superior to competitors’ pickup GOA safety structure, 7 airbags around the vehicle Hill start assistance system HAC Hill start Assist Control Speed ??control system while driving down the slope DAC Downhill Assist Control Rear view camera improves safety in the high-end pickup truck. Stability control system VSC Vehicle Stability Control Anti-lock braking system ABS Anti-lock Braking System Anti-free wheel traction system TRC Traction Control BA Brake Assist brake force distribution system EBD Electronic Brake-force Distribution and wobbling control system Trailer, TSC Tralier Sway Control, etc. All of them are sure to never be used at the same time. The driver-assist technology that increases all safety of the Hilux REVO also depends on the driver’s consciousness.

Nearly six o’clock in the evening, a fleet of Hilux REVO Double Cab cars with four and two driving. Including automatic and manual transmission, it ran to the end of the test in Udon Thani. After a long merger, dragged from Phitsanulok through Khao Kho, Nam Nao, Nong Bua Lam Phu, Khon Kaen, until arriving at a major city in the eastern northeast of Udon Thani. The total distance is 398 kilometers. What is not surprising is The improved performance in all aspects of the Hilux REVO is due to the determination of the engineering team to develop the vehicle for better driving. 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine works at full efficiency. Is not impatient enough to take it away and comes out in a continuous flow Rather than gushing, making it difficult to control The range of torque received from the engine through the automatic transmission to the shafts down to the rear differential is perfectly sized. Body weight and chassis layout and chassis dimensions. Make control easy and comfortable The rack and pinion steering unit with power-reducing power was also slightly lowered the tension level while maintaining precision, making it easier to change directions in the raised REVO. 6-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Shift where the driver can manually select the gear in manual mode, covering all ratios. The gearshift protection system that is not correlated with the engine revs will give a gentle beep sound. Twice when you lower your gear with the lap soaring. When the cycle is back down to the threshold programmed in the ECU, the gear will change. That means protecting (very) expensive automatic powertrains from breaking down quickly from improper use. Despite being tall, the Hilux REVO Double Cab Prerunner 4×2 is a highly stable pickup truck. If not taken to go through the deep forest or the extreme extreme Two-wheel drive model, priced at 1,099,000 baht, is sufficient for use. Soundproofing is the best among all competitors. As for the fuel consumption, on a test full of uphill and downhill tracks, the accelerators were fully used in some strokes on long straight roads to keep pace with the crowd. The consumption rate as stated in the MID screen is 11.2 kilometers per liter. Is normal, not greedy, eats a lot Or economical running and sneaky drops in any way at all

For personal thoughts, what I love about the Hilux REVO Double Cab Prerunner two-wheel drive version is the beauty of the cabin, new equipment similar to a million baht sedan. The aura of the interior where there are no stains left behind makes it attractive to drive. Good suspension, easy to control, even with a tall body Fell into a rut hard Still can absolutely absorb vibration Sound storage in the cabin very well. The vibration from diesel engine operation at idle has decreased, but a little remains. According to the style of a diesel pick-up truck, paid 1.09 million baht, redeemed back with freshness and new technology of Pee To If you are in awe of that, go and drive yourself, it’s best. Catch the symptoms, try to see if the suspension and sound collection all described are really good as written or not. When you like a pickup truck that is easy to buy and sell easily Service center No need to worry about spare parts or maintenance. Will continue to associate with older brother with a new REVO retreat is not a strange thing.

ENGINE ………………………………… ……. 1GD-FTV (High)
type ……………………………… ……………….. Diesel, in-line 4 cylinders, 16 valves DOHC VN Turbo Intercooler,
volume, capacity ……………. ………………….. 2,755 cc
cylinder times stroke ……………….. ……… 92.0 mm x103.6 mm
Compression ratio ………………………….. …. 15.6: 1
Maximum power ………………………………………… 130 kW, 177 horsepower at 3,400 rpm
, maximum torque ………………………………. …….. 450 Nm at 1,600 – 2,400 rpm
Auto Start / Stop system with Evaporator in the air conditioning system
Fuel supply system ……………………………… diesel common rail Direct injection
Fuel …………………………………… diesel
system ……………………………………. 2 wheel drive system Transmission ……………………………………. 6-speed automatic transmission With Sequential Shift
Gear ratio
1st gear ………………………………….. ………… 3.600
Gear 2 …………………………….. ……………… 2.090
gear 3 ……………………….. …………………… 1.488
Gear 4 ………………….. …………………………. 1.000
gear 5 ……………. ………………………………… 0.687
Gear 6 ……… ……………………………………… 0.580
Reverse gear ………………………………………… ..3.732
Final gear ratio ………………………………. 3.909
Suspension system
front…………………………………………. .. Independent double wishbone, coil spring, shock absorber,
rear stabilizer bar ………………………………….. ……………. Front
brake system overlapping leaf
……………………….. ………………….. Ventilated disc brakes
Back ………………………………………… …. Drum brakes
Steering system ………………………………… rack and pinion With power to reduce rotation force
The narrowest turning radius ……………………………. 6.4 meters,
wheels and tires …… …………………………………… 17 inch alloy tires, Bridgestone model Dueler A / T size 265 /

Model and price of Toyota New Hilux REVO
Toyota New Hilux REVO Stardard Cab 4×4 2.8J
Toyota New Hilux REVO Stardard Cab 4×2 2.8J Plus
Toyota New Hilux REVO Stardard Cab 4×2 2.4J Plus SWB
Toyota New Hilux REVO Stardard Cab 4×2 2.7J
Toyota New Hilux REVO Stardard Cab 4×2 2.4J

Toyota New Hilux REVO Smart Cab 4×2 2.4G
Toyota New Hilux REVO Smart Cab 4×2 2.4E
Toyota New Hilux REVO Smart Cab 4×2 2.7J Plus
Toyota New Hilux REVO Smart Cab 4×2 2.4J Plus
Toyota New Hilux REVO Smart Cab 4×2 2.4 J

Toyota New Hilux REVO Smart Cab 4×4 2.8G
Toyota New Hilux REVO Smart Cab 4×4 2.4E

Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×2 2.4E
Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×2 2.7E
Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×2 2.4J Plus

Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×2 2.8G AT (Test vehicle)
Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×2 2.4G Plus AT
Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×2 2.4G AT
Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×2 2.4G
Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×2 2.4E AT
Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×2 2.7E AT
Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×2 2.4J Plus

Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×4 2.8G AT
Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×4 2.8G
Toyota New Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×4 2.4E

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