Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco facelift 2020-21-22 Smart Cab Auto Export ,

Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco facelift 2020-21-22 Smart Cab Auto Export ,

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2023 Toyota Hilux Revo double cab facelift,

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Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco smart cab 4×4 auto ,

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Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco minor change facelift double cab,

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  • Toyota Motor Thailand launches a revised pickup model for the New Hilux REVO Facelift 2020. Prerunner and Rocco Brutal new face, version 2.8, turbo diesel, explosive force 205 horsepower + 500 Nm!

    Toyota Hilux REVO Rocco Facelift Smart Cab

    Hilux REVO 2.4 ROCCO Prerunner AT
    Hilux REVO 2.8 ROCCO 4WD AT

    Toyota Hilux REVO Facelift Double Cab

    Hilux REVO 2.4 ROCCO Prerunner AT
    Hilux REVO 2.8 ROCCO 4WD AT

    Hilux REVO Rocco

    Toyota Hilux REVO is a pickup truck under the IMV program, with cumulative sales of more than 2.6 million units.In 2019, Hilux REVO and Fortuner were the number 1 sales figure, occupying 38.3% of the Pure Pick-up market share and segment. 43.4% of the market share of the PPV vehicle has earned the trust of Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan. Who believe in production quality and product development potential, me, Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing co., Ltd. To design and develop products Hilux REVO Facelift and Fortuner Facelift from Designed, developed and assembled in Thailand With the skill of Thai people Both models are sent to the world for distribution.

    Hilux REVO Prerunner
    Toyota Hilux REVO facelift 2020 (THE UNBEATABLE)

    The facelifted Hilux REVO started developing a project with the goal of creating the perfect pickup truck that has never been seen before at Toyota, by visiting the field to study car user behavior from all continents. To obtain information on vehicle design that meets the needs of users around the world the most. For the first time, Toyota offers 5 models in this family at the same time, developed by Thai craftsmen from scratch. By taking all the information gained in the field Brought to the development of the new Hilux REVO under the concept of TOUGHNESS FOR EVERYONE by improving the exterior and interior to be aggressive. Including the tuning of driving performance to be able to meet the needs of users around the world

    New changes in the Hilux REVO Facelift Rocco 2020 model
    – Adjusted horsepower to 204 units, torque from 430 Nm to 500 Nm
    – Reduced idle from 850 rpm to 680 rpm
    – Force set New turn to VFC: Variable Flow Control. Steering varies according to speed.
    – Change the fuel injectors in the new common rail system to i-ART
    – New suspension improvements Super Flex Suspension
    – Change the leaf after 5 sheets stacked to 3 overlapping panels
    – New Bi-Beam LED
    headlights – New front grille ( Bigger)
    – new front bumper With LED fog lights
    – new wheel arch decoration
    – New LED taillights
    – New rear bumper
    – New alloy wheels, 18-inch rim, A / T 265/60 R18 tires, White Letters type
    – Install a force-relief system to open the tailgate
    – New light gauge
    – A new 8-inch touchscreen monitor, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto support

    Main selling point of the new Toyota Hilux REVO

    – Design (Design) modify the front of the whole car. Sorted by the new headlights. New grille New front bumper

    – New exterior appearance emphasizes strength New design headlights Bi-Beam, LED Daytime Running Light and LED Light Guiding taillights

    – Internal look Install a touch screen And new design gauges

    – For the Hilux REVO Facelift Special Edition Rocco, there are special accessories such as sports bar, new design alloy wheels, white letters tires, new grille and front bumper design. Unique Rocco model that differs from the standard Hilux REVO in the cabin. Decorated in harmony with the exterior design, enhancing interior materials and interior lighting.

    – Comfort (Comfort) suspension completely new. Especially in the part of shock absorption of the shock absorber and change the material of the leaf spring. To raise the level of comfort, like a car, SUV, while still being durable And the load rate is as good as before

    – Driving performance (Performance)

    1. Improved performance of the turbodiesel engine in the 2.8-liter version, there are details adjustments to increase power. The maximum power is 204 horsepower (PS), torque 500 Nm (Nm) in the speed range from 1,600-2,800 rpm.

    2. For Off-Road Driving: The 4WD 4WD Rocco comes with a 4-wheel drive system that has been developed over the past version to improve the efficiency of driving on off-road routes better.

    2.1 The engine has been adjusted to reduce the idle speed (from 850 rpm to 680 rpm), able to wade off-road routes with stability and smoothness.

    2.2 TFT screen displays position information of wheel degrees. And install a rear distance shift alarm And the front and rear bumper corners To help check around obstacles while driving

    3. Improved fuel efficiency in both 2.8 and 2.4 liter engines.

    4.VFC (Variable Flow Control) steering system adjusts the steering weight to suit all speed ranges. Reduces driver fatigue

    – convenience (Convenience) – 8-inch touch screen that supports Apple CarPlay to connect all entertainment freely with T-Connect system to connect the car and car users as one. As standard equipment in all sub-models

    – Safety (Safety) Hilux REVO Facelift equipped with a standard Toyota (Toyota Safety Sense)
    safety system, for example – a safety system before a collision. (Pre-Collision System).
    – Control system and adjust the speed automatically (Dynamic Radar Cruise Control).
    – Warning system when leaving the lane. With automatic delay (Lane Departure Alert)

    “THE UNBEATABLE” Toyota represents the power of the new GD Super Power engine with increased torque, Super Flex Suspension tuning for comfort driving or passenger. Reduce stabilization and sharpen curves

    Toyota Hilux REVO Facelift 2020 responds to a wide range of applications in all professional groups. Toyota has stated that it has established communication guidelines this time. To be able to reflect the image of the product and the personality of each user group. Which can be divided into 4 groups:

    Toyota Hilux REVO Standard Model (B-Cab)
    It is mainly suitable for heavy-duty applications such as logistics and farmers handling products. The past is confirmed by its success with the highest market share in this segment, in this standard model. It has been designed for carrying With a 2.8-liter in-line turbo diesel engine, maximum power 204 horsepower, torque soaring to 500 Nm. Good load support Meet the needs of business customers From a wide variety of products to choose from Covering all types of applications Both with two-wheel drive Four-wheel drive And single-head type (Cab & Chassis) that supports additional installation such as adding a dry cabinet-refrigerator per stall, able to finish all needs with one-stop comprehensive financial services, while also equipped with T-Connect network link equipment. And Fleet Telematics Service, a complete fleet management system and transportation Helps to manage and operate the logistics business more efficiently in time, cost and product quality. It also provides a full service lease finance service. To help manage financial liquidity in this economic age Allowing customers to operate their business with peace of mind

    Toyota Hilux REVO Z-edition
    Short pickup truck It has a wide variety of uses. That is suitable for both daily use or doing business, trucking, and retail – delivery. Which can fully meet the needs of use In the past, there are teenagers who want to have their first car. Toyota has created a new phenomenon with the “Z-Edition, short, handsome face” with a striking design. Strengthen the army by organizing an activity “Racing Mania” that is a group of people who love car styling. Let’s exchange ideas. In order to reinforce the success and continue to be the leader in this market, the new Toyota Hilux Revo has developed a new look that is cool, eye-catching, modern, beautiful, exciting in every angle. For customers who want to be different and stand out Can be decorated to be added according to the needs of the leading custom car shop In terms of performance, there is power from the GD Super Power engine 2. 4 liters car entertainment device Install a touch screen. Touchscreen supports Apple CarPlay, available in both manual transmission models. And automatic transmission

    In addition, in order to create a new buying experience (New Buying Experience), we have a car styling in the showroom. For examples of usage guidelines and ideas in customizing cars With a variety of accessories package options, One Stop Service and easier to own with the Connected Auto Loan or CAL system and Sabuy: D service that sets a new dimension in leasing. With an 18% lower installment compared to regular hire purchase programs But includes a 23,000 km Czech package with a future resale price guarantee and a Theft Track system or theft tracking That looks like a car in sight, providing safety from theft all the time

    – Toyota Hilux REVO high lift model (Pre-runner) is a popular Thai pickup truck model. Answer the need for use Suspension and safety systems of international standards As well as a full range of in-car facilities, making the Toyota Hilux Revo elevated version Very successful Both sales and has been accepted by both male and female customers. In a variety of professional groups, such as civil servants and individuals By this new version Has been developed to the next level in all dimensions With a modern tough exterior design, new headlights, new GD Super Power engine, new suspension, Super Flex Suspension, added VFC steering system, VSC system installed in the middle model.

    Genuine accessories from Toyota TGA (Toyota Genuine Accessories) that are newly designed to meet the needs of customers more. Ready to offer a new car alternative service “KINTO”, a new online service for individual customers, long-term car rental. That is ready to be fully serviced online Since booking Credit approval Meet all needs of using a car that conforms to a new travel style Where customers can choose model, color and length of use according to their lifestyle Relieve worry about the costs Including the resale price New type of insurance Good driver insurance for Toyota Care PHYD (Pay How You Drive) that will make you save more. With discounts from driving data analysis, good driving, safe driving, there will be a maximum 45% discount on the renewal premium, can be repaired at the Toyota Standard Service Center for up to 8 years.

    – Toyota Hilux REVO special edition Rocco and 4 wheel drive model suitable for customers in the city. Focus on elegance Favorite activities in their free time And have hobbies Like adventure travel Customers have a need for a car with driving performance. And excellent comfort Including high-end safety technology, the Hilux Revo 4-wheel drive and Rocco models are now popular and have won the hearts of fans. The overwhelming lion of the pickup truck accentuates the nickname “King of Off-Road”. This new model has been modified both exterior and interior design Exclusive to the Rocco model to convey premium strength, power and perfection. To correspond with the image And applications of customers that require perfection in all dimensions In addition, in terms of driving performance, the new generation of GD engine 2 “GD Super Power” provides maximum power 204 horsepower and maximum torque of 500 Nm, improving driving performance, 4-wheel drive system (4WD)

    A handsome TOYOTA HILUX REVO ROCCO 2.8AT 4X4

    From the situation of the spread of the coronavirus that began to subside The truck war in Thailand has started again. With the launch of the revised Hilux pick-up version of the Toyota brand, followed by the launch of the Mazda BT50 in Australia. (But assembly pressure in the Isuzu factory in Thailand) the arrival of the Hilux REVO to reclaim the throne of the pickup truck sales champion in Thailand from which Toyota has occupied this position for a long time. Until the change of hand to the camp of Tri Petch Isuzu released a new D-MAX pickup truck since the end of last year for a period of 5 months, the Isuzu New D-MAX continues to bring pickup truck sales in Thailand, creating plans to Overthrow Toyota’s champion despite the coronavirus outbreak and shrink sales by more than half. But in May the past, the D-MAX pick-up continues. But it will no longer be that easy due to the arrival of the Hilux REVO Facelift 2020 version.

    After a short test at Toyota Driving Experience Park in Bangna area, Sam Loong camp sent a top-of-the-line test vehicle Hilux Double Cab 4×4 2.8 Rocco AT with 6-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Shift and 4-wheel drive system. The price is 1,239,000 baht, a big change from the front that looks much better. The new face of the REVO Rocco is more favorable to pickup truck users in Thailand than the previous generation’s pointless face. Body dimensions of the REVO Rocco 2.8AT 4X4, length 5,325 mm, width 1,900 mm, height 1,810 mm, wheelbase length 3,085 mm, front wheel spacing 1,540 mm, rear wheel spacing 1,550 mm, height from the floor to the undercarriage 216 mm, the pickup length 1,840 mm. 1,540 mm wide, 480 mm high, gray-black aluminum wheels. Wrapped with rubber bands, special edition Dunlop Grandtrek, size 265 / 60R18 110H AT25.

    The Rocco’s new image also comes with an improved 2.8-liter diesel engine from 177 horsepower, this time with 204 horsepower. Tweak the engine control box tuning. Change the turbo to a larger size. The turbo core is a ball bearing ball bearing that flows smoothly. Makes the air boost more heavy than the old turbo Torque sped from 450 Nm to 500 Nm, more than enough to drive on both smooth and off-road use. You can climb steep slopes with little use of the accelerator pedal. 500 Nm of torque also comes in very low laps, giving you agility in the city.

    The 8G AT Double Cab is not inferior to its competitors in terms of convenience. Despite acting as a pickup truck of the wading legs It is a pickup truck with the same size as the 4-door pickup truck, 4-wheel drive of all competitors. From the form of the center console Placement of the gear arch Multi-function touch screen Heavy-duty 4-spoke steering wheel and black leather seats The interior of the revised Hilux REVO Rocco has little changes to the door panels and black tone roof wrap. It’s like lifting the equipment of a Toyota sedan into a pickup truck. The center console display that extends to make the touch and work on the new monitor more comfortable, without having to reach out as much as possible. The favorite and the hit is the console that is clearly different from the competing pickup trucks in design, color and ease of use. Air vents edged with glossy black plastic The temperature control unit inside the cabin is all digital. The top air vent has a digital clock in the center. Some work pieces are designed to have a suitable resolution such as The hitting point of a car thief is the instrument cluster of the Hilux REVO Rocco 2.8G AT that has detailed and attractive interior colors.

    The light gauge changed from white tone to bluish blue. Use white numbers on black backlit with blue hands to make it easy and clear to read. Both the speedometer on the right hand side and the engine tachometer on the left In the center of the two gauges the MID or Multi information display, which uses a TFT or Thin film transistor display. Of the small screen, it will be found that the MID screen of the TOP version of the REVO Rocco stuffed the ability to notify various values. For example, the position of each door opening / trip meter a / b / outside temperature / calculate the volume of fuel consumption in liters per kilometer / the fuel inside the tank per distance that can be reached / status Of driving and the economy rating in the ECO mode / position of the 6-speed automatic transmission was added to it is Graphics simulate the angle of the front wheels when driving through dirt. Helps to increase the field of view so that you can know the direction of the wheel well when climbing steep hills or climbing over obstacles. Helps to position the car precisely when driving through high hills and deep quarters.

    The 4-spoke steering wheel is covered with real leather. There is an enlarged circle around the size of a sedan’s steering wheel Makes it more comfortable to grip the wood. The stalk of the steering wheel is also equipped with an operating switch, such as an audio control switch. Mode switch for various systems Through the center console monitor, such as audio mode Satellite navigation mode External playback device mode The monitor screen supports DVD touch screen operation with support for T-Connect, voice control switch. And the switch to answer or place the wireless phone in the bluetooth system Shift lever, automatic speed setting, or Cruise control, car audio quality, just enough to go to the temple at 19.00 hrs.

    The 4-wheel drive version of the gearbox is a 6-speed automatic torque converter in the Rocco 4×4 2.8GA / T as an automatic transmission model. It is connected to the 4WD system, has an ergonomic shift lever and gear grooves designed for precision gear position selection. The serrated design of the gear groove to prevent mis-shift of the gear lever. When the gear lever is pushed to the right, it will immediately enter the manual transmission mode. Shifting gears via Sequential Shift gives a sense of response to speedy gear shifts, but without Paddle Shift keys like the top model Fortuner. The gear lever is equipped with a switch to adjust the drive mode. Is ECO and POWER MODE.

    Right beside the Hilux REVO Rocco gear lever, there are switches to choose from two driving modes. Is ECO saving mode and sport mode or Power Mode to choose from The arm rests near the handbrake lever are designed to be boxes for storing sundries or placing your phone. The temperature control unit is beautifully designed, similar to the Toyota Corolla New Altis sedan with digital air conditioning control. The rear air vents also come to help distribute the cool air Blow to the rear passengers to cool off on hot days as well.

    800 rpm) oil supply system Common rail direct injection nozzle (i-ART type) fuel tank capacity 80 liters GD Super Power 1GD-FTV (High) has increased power from 130 kW to 150 kW (177 Horsepower is 204 horsepower), the maximum torque from the original 450 Nm increased to 500 Nm. The turbocharger air compressor system has changed a larger turbo. The turbo core is inserted into the Ball Bearing to reduce friction. Increase the efficiency of boosting faster than before Coated piston Diamond-liked Around the piston ring to reduce friction All i-ART direct injection common rail injectors It’s the birthplace of the Rocco 2.8AT’s impressive torque.

    One of the best diesel pickup trucks this hour. If not counting the market leader like Isuzu, it is inevitable Toyota Hilux REVO Facelift, the market-maker pickup truck of Pee Toh, which has just been launched freshly on June 4, 2020. Optimized powertrain for higher efficiency. Choosing a Toyota vehicle means taking good care of it from a workshop. Including the resale price of a second-hand car, it is still fairly superior to that of competitors. The Rocco pickup truck, in particular, is good enough to become a new vehicle in the midst of a growing number of road construction in Thailand. The road under construction is full of potholes that are rarely suitable for the undercarriage of the saloon. You can do a long swipe right on the Rocco, as its suspension has been set for a more comfortable ride, especially when driving through rough terrain is much better. Off-road height, it is also comfortable to wade through flooded water.

    Various details Of supporting systems such as suspension, diagrams Width size Length and height of the parts in the suspension system, the size of the rubber bushings used. Including the length of the tweezers Removing two leaf springs from the original five plates, the K value of the spring, the stretch and the shock absorber’s displacement. Dimensions of ball joint, tie rod, rubber transmission rod, engine mount, gear mount, steering rack, steering rack and steering assembly parts. All of them have been completely renovated. The stabilizer of the top model Hilux REVO Rocco has dropped a lot. The renovation makes sitting feel soft and smooth. The new suspension shows the power, softness to touch. Including running on gravel surfaces, it can absorb vibrations better.

    The original 5-plate tweezers, which was the source of the off-road bounce, were removed 2, leaving only 3 plates. The High Tensile Steel mid-plate is much stronger Shock absorbers have been tuned for stretch and collapse completely. To make it possible to absorb vibration better Mounting (Bush / Shackle / Cab-mount) has been adjusted to absorb vibration. Change the shape of the parts to reduce the friction of the Mounting (only Hilux REVO 4-wheel drive and Prerunner 2-wheel drive) when cornering strongly, it still has some residual symptoms. Which such symptoms are normal Or the nature of a high-lift chassis on frame With the suspension that emphasizes the strength in the loading As a result, it is impossible to get rid of the stabilizer completely (although it is a Ford Raptor with a very expensive suspension, it is still pretty stable!), So it is imperative that the driver is careful when driving, especially driving. High speed cornering

    The enormous torque from the engine accelerates in just one glance, it has surpassed 150 kilometers per hour. When you like to drive fast, you should reduce the speed before reaching the curve Remind yourself to do this every time before breaking the steering wheel according to the condition of the bend. There is no need In order to endanger yourself and your family by driving the pickup truck up too fast. Should reduce the speed every time before cornering. Even if the road is a path that you are familiar with Especially when it rains on a mountain path, you can lift the accelerator down just to be safe. The Rocco with its newly tuned suspension is really cool. But it should be cornering at the right speed. This allows for easy directional control from both new suspension and steering sets.

    The work of a 6-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Shift is an automatic transmission drive four old children. The ratio is adjusted to meet the greater torque. There is a tropic position so the rider can manually shift or select gear positions when passing through steep mountains. Using the method of pushing the gear lever to the right to enter manual mode Auto gear in D position changes the stroke by itself according to the program that is placed in the mechanical ECU, connected to the engine control box, 6-speed automatic gearbox with Sequential Shift, has good enough performance in the Tare torque Electrical mechanism prevents gear damage. From the wrong gear shift when the engine revs are not related to gear shifting or lowering gear while the car has a high speed. The gear will not change until the speed is related to the ratio in that gear. Helps prevent transmission symptoms to be lost. Because gear repair cost is not cheap

    The brutality of the torque seems to provoke the owner of the Rocco to drive faster when I use continuous speed in Power Mode by hurting him with a high rev. When trying to cram a low gear to use the engine brakes If the engine revs are too high Gear protection system damaged by gear shifting that do not correlate with engine revs will immediately intervene. The gear protection system will not shift downwards until the machine rotation cycle correlates with the gear rotation. It seems to be a bit of opposition when the gear won’t change if the engine is too high. But it also helps you do not have to go to the garage to repair or change gear prematurely. Helps extend the service life of an extremely expensive automatic gear Which has this type of diffuse gear protection mechanism to help prevent drivers who like to stuff their own gear up and down often, whether due to oiliness or want to use the gear ratio to reduce the speed

    Toyota Hilux REVO Rocco 2.8AT 4×4 Steering System Improved New Power Steering Turn to the power to reduce the rotation force and vary the weight according to the speed. VFC (Variable Flow Control) adjusts the steering weight in variation according to the speed. It is a rack and pinion steering unit with power-reducing force that has been adjusted to reduce the tension level a little. The steering wheel also provides usable precision. But the weight when driving 2 wheels normally is a little heavy Changing direction in the REVO high lift model requires more force to move the wrists than the steering wheel of a small sedan. When adjusted to 4H 4WD, the steering wheel is slightly lighter. More weight than the electric steering wheel might make the lady who escaped from a sedan to Rocco have to adjust for a while. But when I get used to it, when I get off the Rocco and go back to driving, I feel that the electric steering wheel is too light! The power steering belt for the Toyota pickup truck has the strengths of durability and not easily broken. Even if wading and crushing the hill It’s an advantage that it has to be exchanged for more weight than an electric steering wheel.

    Despite raising the suspension until high, the Hilux REVO Rocco is a stable pickup truck with good balance. Thanks to the engineers and testing teams during the development period that it took 3 years to improve the suspension to find the optimum value for the comfort behind the wheel. Soundproofing when a test ride on Suphanburi road, which has both cement and paved roads, plus steep semis! The Hilux REVO Rocco retains the best sound of the double cab compared to all its competitors. Running at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. The sound of wind and rubber was hardly heard. The speed must be increased to 100 kilometers per hour, the sound of rubber grinding on the road surface and the sound of the diesel engine will be heard.

    For fuel consumption on a long straight track with a steep uphill climb. From Lam Ta Phen Nong Prue Khao Chok to Si Sawat Throttle is used fully and continuously at certain strokes on long straight roads to overtake slow cars. Most of it is in Power Mode. The consumption rate as shown in the MID screen when driving in ECO mode is 11.1 km / l. When hitting hard, continuous press in Power Mode with a 4H drive system, the consumption rate fell to 8.5 kilometers per liter. When he gets stronger, he needs to eat more. It is normal for a 2.8-liter diesel pickup, turbo diesel, 1 tank, 80 liters, can travel a distance of 600 kilometers comfortably. Some people ask how to drive to eat that much gas. I don’t want to answer. If possible, I would like you to sit together for long-distance test drives. Or try to drive on the route that you have mentioned I can believe that Not likely to be paid 1. 2 million to take the top Rocco with the same torque as the Ford Ranger Raptor to crawl into a crippled turtle. If you don’t focus on power, torque, or the style of a full-body pickup, you like to drive slowly and drive flat for the most part. And in life never thought that he would drive up the hill and down the creek Walk to buy the REVO Z Edition, a 2.4 liter machine, to drive, chill will be much cheaper. The consumption rate Don’t take this figure too seriously. Because it’s a lot of variables Weather conditions, road conditions, road conditions, air currents, and speed at tires are all contributing to the mismanagement of fuel consumption.As you might imagine, you are likely to drive better than 8.5km / l. (If not using the accelerator throttle) 4 liters, chill driving will be much cheaper The consumption rate Don’t take this figure too seriously. Because it’s a lot of variables Weather conditions, road conditions, road conditions, air currents, and speed at tires are all contributing to the mismanagement of fuel consumption.As you might imagine, you are likely to drive better than 8.5km / l. (If not using the accelerator throttle) 4 liters, chill driving will be much cheaper The consumption rate Don’t take this figure too seriously. Because it’s a lot of variables Weather conditions, road conditions, road conditions, air currents, and speed at which tires are used are all contributing to the mismanagement of fuel consumption.As you might imagine, you are likely to drive better than 8.5km / l. (If not using the accelerator throttle)

    Compression of safety devices to make the New Hilux REVO Rocco stand out from the competition’s pickup trucks. The updated version also features a body, GOA-style safety structure, 7 airbags around the vehicle. Hill start assistance system HAC Hill start Assist Control Speed ??control system while driving down the slope DAC Downhill Assist Control Lane departure warning system With automatic reversing or LDA rear view camera improves safety in the tailgate, the MID screen displays the angle of the front wheels on the center of the gauge. Designed to be used to observe the direction of the wheels when climbing steep slopes. For correct wheel positioning Stability control system in the curve VSC Vehicle Stability Control Anti-lock braking system ABS Anti-lock Braking System Anti-free wheel traction system TRC Traction Control braking reinforcement system BA Brake Assist Brake force distribution system EBD Electronic Brake-force Distribution and control system Swinging of the trailer, TSC Tralier Sway Control, etc. All of the described above are sure to never be used all at once. Driving technology that increases all safety of the Hilux REVO Rocco 4×4 2.8GA / T makes it a fun pickup truck and a fair grip on the road with a 4-wheel drive system, 4 High makes it easy to use in the rainy season. Including driving through the road that is full of potholes, which is safe and can survive comfortably 

    The Shift on The Fly 4WD Switch makes the adjustment of the drive system from 2 to 4 wheels more convenient, faster and easier. There is no need to park the car to adjust the 4WD system as in the past. Choosing a 4-wheel drive mode to suit the condition of the path Hilux REVO Rocco Double Cab 4×4 model 2. The 8G AT is full of drivetrain equipment to survive the backcountry. It is a pickup truck used to drive through harsh off-road roads. Easily To control the car through off-road, just adjust the steering wheel and use the accelerator gradually. Or let the car flow on its own on a path full of potholes. Just unable to touch the brake, the wife who was accompanied by turned green eyes on Use the low speed to accurately reflect the road conditions. Can be driven out a little messy Drive system technology Automatic transmission, four drive Strong chassis Combine the suspension of the REVO Rocco 4-wheel drive models that are designed to support harsh driving. Causing people who have never driven off-road can still control their cars through the brutal Go without much difficulty.

    500 Nm of torque is ample for everyday use. It is too much compared to the style of the suspension. There is no need to drive the new top-end Rocco as fast as a hurricane. Because it is a raised pickup truck Designed for a wide range of applications Especially driving through the dirt and survive with a lot of torque. Or help tow friends that drive through the forest through the dong together Rather than going to drive fast on the roads in Thailand that are dangerous all around Although the range of torque and entertainment behind the wheel seduces you to drive faster and faster. Always think about safety first before driving fast. Driving position, well laid out and designed Makes driving it all day, rarely vibrates like other pickup trucks. The electrically adjustable driver’s seat is pretty good. But the seat is still hand-adjusted as before, which should be the front electrically adjustable seats. The suspension has been completely revised, giving both the stiffness and softness that is hard to find in pickup trucks.

    Toyota Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×4 2.8 Rocco AT
    6-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Shift
    standard price 1,210,500 baht,
    special accessories price 28,500 baht,
    total price 1,239,000 baht,

    a new change point in the Hilux REVO Facelift, model Rocco 2020

    – New Bi-Beam LED
    headlights – New front grille (larger)
    – New front bumper With LED fog lights
    – new wheel arch decoration
    – new LED tail lights
    – new rear bumper
    – New alloy wheels, 18-inch rims, A / T 265/60 R18 tires, White Letters type
    – Install a force-relief system to open the tailgate
    – New light gauge
    – A new 8-inch touchscreen monitor, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto support


    Toyota Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×4 2.8 Rocco AT,
    6-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Shift,
    body dimensions, length 5,325 mm, width 1,900 mm, height 1,810 mm
    , wheelbase length 3,085 mm,
    front wheel distance 1,540 mm,
    rear wheel distance 1,550 mm
    , height from The floor reaches under the car’s trunk 216 millimeters,
    length 1,840 millimeters, width 1,540 millimeters, height 480 millimeters.

    1GD-FTV (High)
    , four-cylinder, in-line, 16-valve DOHC VN Turbo and Intercooler
    , cylinder capacity 2,755 cc,
    bore width 92.0 mm, stroke 103.6 mm,
    compression ratio 15.6: 1,
    maximum power 150 kW (204 hp PS ) at 3,400 rpm
    and maximum torque (500 Newton – meters at 1600-2800 rpm)
    fuel Supply system. Common rail direct injection nozzle (i-ART type)
    fuel tank capacity 80 liters
    diesel fuel

    4-wheel drive system with Differential Lock at the rear
    gear, 6-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Shift,
    gear ratio 1 3.600,
    gear ratio 2 2.090,
    gear ratio 3 1.488,
    gear ratio 4 1.000,
    gear ratio 5 0.687,
    gear ratio 6 0.580
    gear ratio 3.732, final gear ratio 3.909

    Front suspension Independent, double wishbone With coil springs and stabilizer bar
    Rear suspension with double leaf spring,
    front brakes, disc brakes with cooling fins,
    rear brakes, drum brakes,
    steering system Rack and Pinion With power assistance, VFC,
    turning radius, narrowest 6.4 meters,
    tires White Letters 265 / 60R18, White Letters type,
    18-inch alloy wheels, ROCCO specific models,
    spare tires 265 / 60R18, 18-inch alloy wheels.

    Exterior accessories:
    Dark gray grille and chrome
    front bumper with the same color as the car With a set of front
    bumper, metallic gray rear bumper
    , black side
    sills, dark gray wheel arch decoration, metallic gray decoration,
    Bi-Beam LED
    headlights, automatic headlights on-off control system, ready system Follow-me-home
    Automatic high-low
    headlights, LED Light Guiding taillights,
    safety stacking
    windshields, dark gray side mirrors, electrically adjustable and folded With turn signal lights
    , dark gray door
    handle, hand-opening decoration set, black tailgate,
    front and rear mud flaps
    , delay wipers and adjustable time

    Interior equipment and amenities
    , interior color, black,
    seat material Leather and synthetic leather
    colors, black and gray seats,
    front seats slide – Entertainment. Driver’s side power adjustment
    Front seat height adjustable – low Driver’s side only, electrically adjustable
    rear seat, double-cab model only, foldable armrests with cup holders
    Rear seat, only double cab model Adjust the seat to increase the storage space, separate 60:40 fold,
    decorate the dashboard, silver hairline style and black chrome
    Front air conditioning channel decoration Black and chrome
    Door panel decoration Black double cab model with synthetic leather upholstery with silver hairline, black chrome trim and decorative lights,
    metallic black power window control panel decoration,
    chrome interior door handle.
    Driver’s side sunshade With business card holder
    Sun visor on passenger side With mirror and handle cover,
    double cab model, 8 positions
    , steering wheel adjustment, height adjustment – low and in – out (Tilt & Telescopic)
    material / decoration, leather steering wheel / black metallic,
    audio control switch, phone And color TFT screen.
    Material / decoration. Leather / black metallic gear knob, black metallic
    gear base, black
    handbrake decorated with chrome.
    Smart start system And the intelligent door opening system (Push Start and Smart Entry),
    Remote Smart Key, ROCCO
    models, Optitron blue light meter, ROCCO specific model
    , driving information display (MID), color TFT screen
    , lighting in the cabin With personal lights
    Rear-view mirror with anti-glare
    Automatic electric windows With anti-pinch system
    Automatic electric windows With anti-clamping system,
    central locking, Speed ??Auto Lock
    , driving mode selector switch (Eco / Power),
    air conditioning, 5 automatic wind direction adjustment,
    rear air conditioning channel, only double cab model, decorated with black metallic stripes
    Upper storage compartment with lid, Cool Box with Hilux logo,
    lower storage compartment with lid and damper lock,
    storage box with lid. Upholstered synthetic leather
    Door panel storage compartment with bottle holder
    Glasses storage
    Cup holder on the front console
    Document storage compartment behind the front seats
    Luggage hanger behind the front seats
    Versatile hanger Only for double cab models
    DC 12 Volt DC Power Connector 2 Positions
    AC 220V AC Power Connector Dedicated Double Cab 1 position

    Audio system and connection
    Audio AM / FM radio with USB connector, 8-inch capacitive touch screen, Apple CarPlay
    support, Bluetooth connection system, phone support And music playback,
    T-Connect system,
    6 speakers
    , short antenna,
    anti-theft alarm system
    TDS (Theft Deterrent System),
    Immobilizer key system

    Special accessories
    Sports bar with LED lighting and pickup floor
    The device to relax the force to open-close the tailgate.
    ROCCO special edition side sticker

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2019 Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0 Double Cab Export
2.8 L


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