Toyota Hilux Revo Facelift 2020-21, Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Facelift 2020-21

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Toyota Hilux Revo Facelift 2020-21, Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco Facelift 2020-21

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All New Minor change Toyota Hilux Revo Facelift 2020 Available

All New Minor change Toyota  Hilux Revo Rocco Facelift 2020 Available

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Main selling point of the new Toyota Hilux REVO

– Design (Design) modify the front of the whole car. Sorted by the new headlights. New grille New front bumper

– New exterior appearance emphasizes strength New design headlights Bi-Beam, LED Daytime Running Light and LED Light Guiding taillights

– Internal look Install a touch screen And new design gauges

– For the Hilux REVO Facelift Special Edition Rocco, there are special accessories such as sports bar, new design alloy wheels, white letters tires, new grille and front bumper design. Unique Rocco model that differs from the standard Hilux REVO in the cabin. Decorated in harmony with the exterior design, enhancing interior materials and interior lighting.

– Comfort (Comfort) suspension completely new. Especially in the part of shock absorption of the shock absorber and change the material of the leaf spring. To raise the level of comfort, like a SUV, while still being tough and durable And the load rate is as good as before

– Driving performance (Performance)

1. Improved performance of the turbodiesel engine in the 2.8-liter version, there are details adjustments to increase power. The maximum power is 204 horsepower (PS), torque 500 Nm (Nm) in the speed range from 1,600-2,800 rpm.

2. For Off-Road Driving: The 4WD 4WD Rocco comes with a four-wheel drive system that has been developed over the past version to improve the efficiency of driving on off-road routes better.

2.1 The engine has been adjusted to reduce the idle speed (from 850 rpm to 680 rpm), able to navigate off-road with a stable, smooth, uninterrupted.

2.2 TFT screen displays position information of wheel degrees. And install a rear distance shift alarm And the front and rear bumper corners To help check around obstacles while driving

3. Improved fuel efficiency in both 2.8 and 2.4 liter engines.

4.VFC (Variable Flow Control) steering system adjusts the steering weight to suit all speed ranges. Reduces driver fatigue

– convenience (Convenience) – 8-inch touch screen that supports Apple CarPlay to connect all entertainment freely with T-Connect system to connect the car and car users as one. As standard equipment in all sub-models

– Safety (Safety) Hilux REVO Facelift equipped with a standard Toyota (Toyota Safety Sense)
safety system, for example – a safety system before a collision. (Pre-Collision System).
– Control system and adjust the speed automatically (Dynamic Radar Cruise Control)
– warning system when leaving the lane. With automatic delay (Lane Departure Alert)

“THE UNBEATABLE” Toyota represents the power of the new GD Super Power engine with increased torque, Super Flex Suspension tuning for comfort driving or passenger. Reduce stabilization and sharpen curves

Toyota Hilux REVO Facelift 2020 responds to a wide range of applications in all professional groups, Toyota has stated that it has established communication guidelines this time. To be able to reflect the image of the product and the personality of each user group. Which can be divided into 4 groups:

Toyota Hilux REVO Standard Model (B-Cab)
It is mainly suitable for heavy-duty applications such as logistics and farmers handling products. The past is confirmed by its success with the highest market share in this segment, in this standard model. It has been designed for carrying With a 2.8-liter in-line turbo diesel engine, maximum power 204 horsepower, torque soaring to 500 Nm. Good load support Meet the needs of business customers From a wide variety of products to choose from Covering all types of applications Both with two-wheel drive Four-wheel drive And single-head type (Cab & Chassis) that supports additional installations such as adding a dry cabinet – a refrigerator per stall, able to finish all needs with one-stop comprehensive financial services, while also equipped with T-Connect network link equipment. And Fleet Telematics Service, a complete fleet management system and transportation Helps to manage and operate the logistics business more efficiently in time, cost and product quality. It also provides a full service lease finance service. To assist in the management of financial liquidity in this economic age Allowing customers to operate their business with peace of mind

Toyota Hilux REVO Z-edition
Short pickup truck It has a wide variety of uses. That is suitable for both daily use or doing business, trucking, and retail – delivery. Which can fully meet the needs of use In the past, there are teenagers who want to have their first car. Toyota has created a new phenomenon with the “Z-Edition, short, handsome face” with a striking design. Strengthen the army by organizing an activity “Racing Mania” that is a group of people who love car styling. Let’s exchange ideas. In order to reinforce the success and continue to be the leader in this market, the new Toyota Hilux Revo has developed a new look that is cool, eye-catching, modern, beautiful, exciting in every angle. For customers who want to be different and stand out Can be decorated to be added according to the needs of the leading custom car shop In terms of performance, there is power from the GD Super Power engine 2. 4 liters car entertainment device Install a touch screen. Touchscreen supports Apple CarPlay, available in both manual transmission models. And automatic transmission

In addition, in order to create a new buying experience (New Buying Experience), we have a car styling in the showroom. For examples of usage guidelines and ideas in customizing cars With a variety of accessories package options, One Stop Service and easier to own with the Connected Auto Loan or CAL system and Sabuy: D services that break new dimensions in leasing. With an 18% lower installment compared to regular hire purchase programs But includes a 23,000 km Czech package with a future resale price guarantee and a Theft Track system or theft tracking That looks like a car in sight, providing safety from theft all the time

– Toyota Hilux REVO high lift model (Pre-runner) is a popular Thai pickup truck model. Answer the need for use Suspension and safety systems of international standards As well as a full range of in-vehicle facilities, making the Toyota Hilux Revo elevated version Very successful Both sales and has been accepted by both male and female customers. In a variety of professional groups, such as civil servants and general public By this new version Has been developed to the next level in all dimensions With a modern tough exterior design, new headlights, new GD Super Power engine, new suspension, Super Flex Suspension, added VFC steering system, VSC system installed in the middle model.

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