Toyota Hilux Revo 2020-21 Facelift Double Cab Smart Cab Single Cab Export

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Toyota Hilux Revo 2020-21 Facelift Double Cab Smart Cab Single Cab Export

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Toyota Hilux Revo 2020 facelift minore change double cab 4×4 2.8 diesel,

Toyota Hilux Revo facelift double cab prerunner diesel,

Toyota Hilux Revo facelift double cab manual ,

Toyota Hilux Revo single cab facelift ,

Toyota Hilux Revo facelift smart cab 4×4 auto,

The first touch of the brazen casting line Toyota HILUX REVO ROCCO 4×4 2.8 AT

Standing on the number one platform, sales of pick-up units in Thailand are not easy. But keeping the champion in hand can become difficult. This is the pickup truck sales championship that Toyota used to dominate for many years before it hit Isuzu with the new D-MAX pickup truck which is fresher than the latest Hilux REVO launch Facelift 2020 model. The hope of the people of Toyota means challenging that position from the ever-growing pickup truck brand Isuzu

. Including improving both the drivetrain and suspension to be able to compete with competitors It is considered a hard work of Toyota Motor Thailand in engineering vehicles, trucks. To return to dominate the market For the main changes of New Hilux REVO starting from

New changes in Hilux REVO Facelift Rocco 2020 model

– New Bi-Beam LED
headlights – New grille (larger)
– New front bumper With LED fog lights
– new wheel arch decoration
– New LED tail lights
– new rear bumper
– New alloy wheels, 18-inch rims, A / T 265/60 R18 tires, White Letters type
– Install a force-relief system to open the tailgate
– New light gauge
– A new 8-inch touchscreen monitor, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto support

original 5-sheet suspension, which was the source of the off-road bounce, was removed 2, leaving only 3 sheets, the middle plate, High Tensile Steel, is stronger than before. Shock absorbers have been tuned for stretch and collapse completely. To make it possible to absorb vibration better Mounting (Bush / Shackle / Cab-mount) has been adjusted to absorb vibration. Change the shape of the parts to reduce the friction of the Mounting (only Hilux REVO 4-wheel drive and Prerunner 2-wheel drive)

The 2.8-liter turbocharged
2.8-liter GD Super Power engine has increased from 130 kW to 150 kW (177 hp to 204 hp), the maximum torque from the original 450 Nm is increased to 500 Nm. The air compressor turbocharger has changed to a larger turbo The turbo core is inserted into the Ball Bearing to reduce friction. Increase the efficiency of boosting faster than before Coated piston Diamond-liked Around the piston ring to reduce friction Common rail direct injection i-ART fuel injectors

Steering system
Toyota Hilux REVO Rocco improved new power steering Turn to the power to reduce the rotation force and vary the weight according to the speed. VFC (Variable Flow Control) adjusts the steering weight in variation according to the speed.

All-wheel drive
is adjusted idle from 850 rpm to 650 rpm to optimize the traction on the surface of the tires. Better speed control while starting Adjust the response of the throttle, improve Brake Actuator when using 4-wheel drive system, reduce system noise. Adjusted the operation of the VFC (Variable Flow Control) steering system, reducing the weight of the steering wheel when entering the 4WD mode, adding a function to display the position of the front wheels on the MID monitor with sensors around the car to check the direction and obstacles while driving off-road. Road

The safety system is fully equipped.
Rear shift alarm And the angle of the front bumper – behind the rear view camera
3-point seat belts in all positions with pullback system And automatic tension relief For the front seats ABS anti-lock system and EBD brake force distribution system, BA reinforcement system, VSC stability control system, TRC traction control system, A-TRC system, TSC trailing control system, slope start assistance system, HAC system. Speed ??control while down the slope, DAC, emergency exit protection system, DSC, differential control system (Auto Limited Slip Differential), automatic speed reduction and control system (Dynamic Radar Cruise Control), only double cab models. Pre-collision safety system PCS, only for double cab models Warning system when leaving the lane With automatic delay LDA, only double cab Safety structure GOA side steel beams SRS safety airbags, front / side / side curtain / driver’s knee

T-Connect by Toyota application to track delivery status via mobile phone. Anti-theft system (Theft Track) or theft tracking Driving data display, Trip Report, car location check (Find My Car), personal assistant service Helping customers all the time on all routes Toyota Tube will be a tool to guide the use of cars in the form of video on mobile phones.

The short test drive in the post-launch media round took place at the Toyota Driving Experience Park starting with a lane departure warning system. With automatic damper or LDA, which is equipped with a dedicated Rocco double cab. Which may be caused by unaware or sleepiness The steering wheel will help pull the car back into its original route. As well as send an audio signal warning the driver to know

Tested stability at a low speed of 50 kilometers per hour when cornering at a wide angle. The new support system has made the stabilizer slightly lower. The steering wheel in 2-wheel drive mode still has the same weight. But will reduce the force to spin lighter when adjusting the drive mode to 4-wheel drive

Falling from a low-speed arc, I came across the Pilon Slalom at a speed of about 60 kilometers per hour. Even though the steering is heavy, the slalom entry is accurate. The steering wheel can control direction well. Including a better weight transfer than ever before

Emerging from the slalom point, it meets the Lane Change station at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour. Dodging obstacles at low speeds is another point where the top-end Rocco does better. The car has little symptoms when avoiding obstacles while driving at a speed not exceeding 80 kilometers per hour. Even though the belt power steering with VFC system weighs more than the Ford Ranger’s electric steering wheel, it controls the direction of the car fairly precisely.

Acceleration from 30 kilometers per hour to 100 kilometers per hour. 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine. Modification of the new turbo to be bigger. Stuffed turbo core with ball bearing Causing a significant increase in traction along with the whistling of a new turbo while working hard to create a 500 Nm torque boost, close to the Ranger, but remember that the Ranger uses a diesel engine with only 2.0 liters with 2 turbos to blast the air boost into the intake pipe. The 2.8-liter engine has the same cylinders but has a larger capacity. Create impressive traction from the start to 100 kilometers per hour.

The last stop on the road test drive is through the steep semis. And the rough road surface with waves At low speed 10-30 kilometers per hour Chassis and suspension shock absorption Including tight internal assembly work Causing the car to feel less vibration Sit on uneven roads more comfortably. Better soundproofing and reduced stabilization. When driving through potholes or gravel roads New suspension adjustments make Hilux REVO Rocco run much smoother than before. But better until you can clearly feel

The last station It’s a short off-road drive. With a steep climb to test the TRC anti-traction system A-TRC, HAC hill start assist, DAC down-slope speed control, DSC emergency exit protection, gear control Rear (Auto Limited Slip Differential) Rocco, the highest model, passed the test comfortably. In my own backyard My favorite point is The idle adjustment has been reduced from 850 to just 650 laps, making off-road driving a lot easier on different hills. Throttle in 4 wheel drive mode 4 Low reacts gradually. Plenty of low-revving torque means that off-road driving doesn’t need to touch the accelerator. Climb and the angle of the car is designed well. The height of the car also makes driving through large and deep potholes a problem.

500 baht from a more aggressive look, especially the front grille, headlights, front bumper Its improved drive has been pushed out to beat its rival Isuzu New D-MAX. My favorite point is. Stability on straight paths and curves, the driver’s seat is more comfortable. Better weight transfer The car does not have a lot of curves. Plenty of low-torque torque makes it possible to easily pass through obstacles. The steering is a bit heavy in 2 wheel drive mode and when adjusted to 4 wheel drive mode the steering wheel is a little lighter as a 4 door 4 wheel drive pickup truck with new techniques Both in drivetrain and connected to the outside world, T-Connect by Toyota application to track delivery status via mobile phone. Including anti-theft system (Theft Track) or theft tracking will make you sleep at ease. No matter where it is stolen to drive, it can be quickly realized. In conclusion, I drive better.

Toyota Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×4 2.8 Rocco AT
automatic transmission 6-speed with Sequential Shift
price accessories

Toyota Hilux REVO Double Cab 4×4 2.8 Rocco AT
automatic transmission 6-speed with Sequential Shift
dimensions. The tank is 5,325 mm long, 1,900 mm wide, 1,810 mm high, wheelbase
length 3,085 mm,
front wheel spacing 1,540 mm,
rear wheel spacing 1,550 mm
, height from floor to under the car 216 mm,
pickup length 1,840 mm, width 1,540 mm, height 480 mm

1GD- FTV (High)
, four-cylinder, 16-valve in-line engine, DOHC VN Turbo and Intercooler,
a cylinder capacity of 2,755 cc.
Cylinder width 92.0 mm, stroke 103.6 mm,
compression ratio 15.6: 1,
maximum power 150 kW (204 hp PS) at 3,400 rpm
, maximum torque (500 Nm at 1,600-2,800 rpm)
system. oil Direct injection nozzle, common rail (i-ART type)
, fuel tank capacity 80 liters
, diesel fuel,

4-wheel drive with Differential Lock at the rear differential,
6-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Shift
Gear Ratio 1 3.600 Gear
Ratio 2 2.090
Gear Ratio 3 1.488 Gear
Ratio 4 1.000
Gear Ratio 5 0.687
Ratio 6 0.580 Reverse Gear
Ratio 3.732 Final Gear Ratio 3.909

Front suspension Independent, double wishbone With coil springs and stabilizer bar
Rear suspension with double leaf spring,
front brakes, disc brakes with cooling fins,
rear brakes, drum brakes,
steering system Rack and Pinion With power assistance,  VFC type,
turning radius narrowest 6.4 meters
, white letters 265 / 60R18 tires, white letters type,
18-inch alloy wheels, ROCCO specific models,
spare tires 265 / 60R18, 18-inch alloy wheels,

exterior accessories
, dark gray and chrome grille.
Front bumper with the same color as the car With a set of front
bumper, metallic gray rear bumper
, black side
sills, dark gray wheel arch decoration, metallic gray decoration,
Bi-Beam LED
headlights, automatic headlights on-off control system, ready system Follow-me-home
Automatic high-low
headlights, LED Light Guiding taillights, double-layer
dark gray side mirrors, electrically adjustable and folded With turn
signal light, dark gray door
handle, hand-opening decoration set, black tailgate,
front and rear mud flaps
, delay wipers and adjustable time

Interior equipment and amenities
, interior color, black,
seat material Leather and synthetic leather
colors, black and gray seats,
front seats slide – Entertainment. Driver’s side power adjustment
Front seat height adjustable – low Driver’s side only, electrically adjustable
rear seat, double-cab model only, foldable armrests with cup holders
Rear seat, only double cab model Adjust the seat to increase the storage space, separate fold 60:40
Decorate the front console in silver hairline style and black chrome.
Front air conditioning channel decoration Black and chrome
Door panel decoration Black double cab model with synthetic leather upholstery with silver chrome hairline trim and decorative lights,
metallic black power window control panel
, chrome interior door handle, driver’s side sun visor. With business card holder
Sun visor on the passenger side With mirror and handle cover,
double cab model, 8 positions
, steering wheel adjustment, height adjustment – low and in – out (Tilt & Telescopic)
material / decoration steering wheel leather / black metallic,
audio control switch, phone And color TFT screen.
Material / decoration. Leather / black metallic gear knob, black metallic
gear base, black
handbrake decorated with chrome.
Smart start system And intelligent door opening system (Push Start and Smart Entry),
Remote Smart Key, ROCCO
model, Optitron blue light meter, ROCCO  specific model
, driving information display (MID), color TFT screen
, lighting in the cabin With personal lights
Anti-glare rear-view mirror
Automatic electric windows With anti-pinch system
Automatic electric windows With anti-clamping system,
central locking, Speed ??Auto Lock
, driving mode selector switch (Eco / Power),
air conditioning, 5 automatic wind direction adjustment,
rear air conditioning channel, only double cap model, decorated with black metallic stripes
Upper storage compartment with cool box lid with Hilux emblem
Lower storage compartment with lid and retard lock,
storage box with lid Covered with synthetic leather
Door panel storage compartment with bottle holder
Door panel storage compartment with bottle holder
Glasses storage
Cup holder on the front console
Document storage compartment behind the front seats
Luggage hanger behind the front seats
Versatile hanger Only for double cab models
DC 12 Volt DC Power Connector 2 Positions
AC 220 Volt Power Connector Dedicated Double Cap 1 Position

Audio and Connection
Audio AM / FM radio with USB connector, 8-inch capacitive touch screen, Apple CarPlay
support, Bluetooth connection system, phone support And playing music
with T-Connect system
6 speakers
, short antenna,
anti-theft alarm
TDS (Theft Deterrent System),

Special Accessories
Sports bar with LED lighting and pickup floor
Device to relax the force to open-close the tailgate
Sticker on the side pickup ROCCO special version of

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