2023-2024 Ford Ranger Bi-Turbo Wildtrak 2.0 Export Exporter

2023-2024 Ford Ranger Bi-Turbo Wildtrak 2.0 Export Exporter

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The wait is over! Appeared, all new, head to end, NEW FORD RANGER 2022

After being sold for a long time (a lot), it’s time for a new facelift. Ford recently revealed the aggressiveness of the latest pickup truck, the New Ford Ranger 2022, making the pickup truck industry furious in Thailand before the Motor Expo. Ford uses it. Specialization in the production of pickup trucks Improve service to meet the needs of real users. The new Ranger 2022 new generation develops both the car and the drive system. including a new security system Emphasis on being a multi-purpose vehicle It is a pickup truck that can be used for work. It’s a family car. And traveling on vacation with the family Ford Thailand informs that there is a renovation in the back of the house. or all new services especially concerning care Improved service Facilitate needs such as home delivery service To bring the car in for service at the service center, Ranger Concierge Customer Assistant Program,

Development project of the new Ford Ranger 2022 new generation It is operated by Ford’s Product Development Center in Australia. The project specialist team consists of designers and engineers. Work with Ford teams from around the world to Improve Ford’s technology to match performance. and safety Rigorous testing according to standards to improve durability in use. Put the car to the test in harsh environments. opinions are taken And the needs of Ford pickup truck users to adapt the development of a rugged exterior. Collect 5,000 user data, organize workshops to understand pickup truck usage.

new Ford Ranger 2022 new generation A new look that is linked to Ford pickup trucks in the USA (F150) uses a distinctive exterior and new C-shaped headlights, the identity of the Ford F150, the lines on the sides. Connect the wheel arches Matrix LED headlights at the rear are tuned to match the front graphics. The cabin has been changed to resemble the interior of a passenger car more. Use materials that are soft to the touch. Communication and entertainment connectivity system vertical touch screen SYNC® 4 voice command system

The next generation of the new Ford Ranger sub-models to be unveiled include the Ford Ranger Sport, ready to go all the way, and the Ford Ranger Wildtrak for off-road driving. The improved chassis is stronger than before. On the wheelbase, the length has been increased by 50 mm. The width has been increased by 50 mm compared to the previous model. front body structure Support for a wide range of powertrains in the future Designed to allow more air to flow to the position of the radiator. Reduces engine temperature when towing a trailer. or heavy load

Powertrain Single turbo diesel engine and twin-turbo, in-line, 4-cylinder, 2.0 capacity, powerful single-turbo engine to choose from two Emphasis on low rpm which is an important feature twin turbo engine For those who want more power in the form of torque than a single-turbocharged version, powertrains are available with options such as a 10-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic.

Ford moved the front wheels 50 millimeters up front to increase the angle of elevation. Tuning the front end to support more off-road driving. The rear shock absorber has been relocated to the outside of the drive shaft. Adjust to make the ride more comfortable, the new generation of Ranger 2022. There are two four-wheel drive systems to choose from, including electronic gear shifting. Shift-On-The-Fly and four-wheel drive all the time (set-and-forget mode) designed for use in all road conditions Easily accessible off-road aids Double hooks on the front bumper

inside the cabin Install a size 10 touch screen. 1 or 12 inches in the center of the console full digital instrument panel SYNC® 4 Voice Control Entertainment System and information display system Install a modem, connect to the Ford Pass application, connect to the car at all times, such as remotely starting the car. Check basic vehicle status information Lock and unlock remotely via your smartphone. Moved from the original instrument panel and console to the SYNC screen, it can control the drive system. View turn angles, tilt angles, roll angles, and other information. The screen is linked to a 360-degree camera, supporting future software updates via the car’s built-in modem. The new Electronic Shifter automatic transmission is placed in the center. Improved luggage storage space Mobile phone holder and wireless charger stand Large compartment in the center of the console for storage door storage compartment Designed to store more The dashboard of the car hides the storage drawers. with additional storage under the rear seat and in the back of the seat

The width of the car has been increased by 50 millimeters. Many items can be placed horizontally, such as plywood sheets or whole pallets. Thick rubber floor mat Install the pick-up bracket on the steel rail. Pickup edge covering material covers both sides and top of the tailgate. Hide attachment points for the roof of the pickup truck or accessories below. New luggage storage design. There are dividers to store various sizes of items such as logs or toolboxes. Can divide the tailgate into small compartments to store items that normally have to be kept in the cabin By using special strength spring pins attached to the steel rail at the edge of the pickup truck. The tailgate cover Can be converted into a workbench with gauges and clamping holes in the tailgate for measuring and cutting various materials.

Separate external light on-off command system Controlled via the SYNC screen or the Ford Pass app, it offers 360-degree illumination around the vehicle, tailgate lighting mounted under the left and right side rails. There is a light to work or search for things in low light or to use at night. Ford Pass app connects to the car 24 hours a day via a smartphone. Able to start the car remotely Notifications when periodic checks are due The ‘Master your Ranger’ application provides advice on specific topics. Connect communication via the SYNC communication connection system. A personal assistant (Ranger Concierge) can contact at any time. Online appointment service The dealer will come to pick up the car to bring to the service center and return it. The car can be borrowed for use during maintenance. when in the service center Including the development of automatic service software updates. Certain types of services are not required to be reserved through Ford Power-Up services.


Featured News


The FX4 Max is equipped with FOX suspension and shock absorbers, all-terrain shocks, KO2 interior design to accommodate travel. Upfitter Switch off-road accessory connector with 6 AUX inputs for easy connection and control of optional accessories.The FX4 Max is inspired by the Ranger Raptor, a high-performance off-road pickup for the FX4. Max design front grille, large FORD side steps, metal, non-slip surface, black New alloy wheels, roll bars, etc.

2.0-liter diesel engine, twin turbo, works with a 10-speed automatic transmission with a carrying capacity of 981 kg and towing up to 3,500 kg.Sync3 voice command system Thai language supports Apple CarPlay.

The Ford Ranger FX4 Max’s chassis was shown to show visitors the details of the advanced engineering design of the suspension, which makes the FX4 Max an off-road pickup truck. good

Ranger pickup has a variety of options. From premium pickup trucks like ranger wildtrak, popular model XLT / XL, street pick-up, half body, low profile. That has been inspired by the Ranger racing team from the Ford Thailand Racing team up to the version for use as XL + Sport

Ford Ranger Raptor High Performance Off-Road Pickup Truck 2.0-liter diesel engine, twin turbo 213 horsepower, 500 Nm, 10-speed automatic transmission, driving technology such as automatic emergency braking system with pedestrian detection

Ford Everest Utility Vehicle Which is recognized as one of the most effective and safe models in its segment. Wide cabin Supporting family long trips in the event, Ford brings the new Everest color to Absolute Black in a version with cognac interior.

The Ford Mustang celebrates 55 years with a choice of two models: the 5.0L V8 GT Coupe Performance Pack and the 2.3L EcoBoost Coupe Performance Pack.

Special campaign at the motor show

Ford Ranger XL + Sport: special price 569,000 from normal price 689,000 baht

Ford Ranger XL Street: installment 5,999 baht per month in the first year First-class insurance Ford Ensure

Ford Ranger XLT: 0% interest, 60 months installment, first-class insurance Ford Ensure

Ford Ranger Wildtrak, 0% interest, 48 months installment with engine and transmission extension program for 10 years or 150,000 km and First-class insurance Ford Ensure

Ford Ranger FX4 Max new and Ford Ranger Raptor Engine and transmission extension program for 10 years or 150,000 km and first class insurance Ford Ensure




The new Ford Ranger is officially launched today. Ready to present a tough pickup truck That comes with more advanced technology Delivering superior safety and comfort, creating a new ‘strong’ definition. Continues the potential and outstanding driving performance. Both on the smooth and off-road To support the daily life and various lifestyles of customers perfectly

The new Ford Ranger is sold in Thailand, with a total of 20 models including the XLT, XLS and XL models, Short Wheel Base and the new ‘Limited’ (Limited ) And also including the Ford Ranger, high-performance off-road pickup truck produced from the first and only Asia Pacific factory which was launched early last year.


Standard equipment in Ford RangerLimited (Limited) additional from theXLT model )

Engine diesel liters with the new size 0 VG Turbo Intercooler 180 hp maximum power and maximum torque of 420 Nm.

External device

  • 18 “alloy wheel with tire size 265/60 R18
  • HID projector headlights with LED daytime running lights
  • Easy Lift End Cap

Internal equipment

  • Intelligent remote key with auto start button
  • Automatic air conditioning system, independent, left-right
  • leather sofa
  • Cool Box Console
  • My Key Key System
  • Data screen on 2-inch color display
  • Audio
  • SYNC ™ 3 voice command in Thai
  • 8-inch Multi-Touch color touch screen
  • Supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


  • Emergency Assistance System Emergency Assistance
  • Rear view camera while parking
  • ESP stability control and traction control system Traction Control
  • Stabilization assist system (HLA), towing stabilization system (TSC) and overflow risk reduction (ROM) system
  • Burglar alarm
  • Speed ??control system while downhill HDC (only 4 × 4)
  • Limited slip rear gear (4 × 4 only)

New Ford Ranger, Wild Tracks

The new Ford Ranger Wild Tracks deliver superior performance with the turbo engine power. With advanced technology and features Make the new Rangers Wild Track a ranger that is packed with the best equipment. In addition to Ranger Raptors, in addition to the unique intelligent driving technology, Ford Ranger Wild Tracks also comes with more advanced safety technologies.

  • Automatic emergency brake system with pedestrian detection system (AEB), which combines Inter-Urban Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with pedestrian detection and vehicle detection systems (Vehicle Detection) ) Around the car to stop the car and help to reduce rear-end collisions and pedestrian collisions This system will work when using speeds higher than 3.6 kilometers per hour or more.
  • Active Park Assist helps make parking easier. Only the driver activates and controls the brakes. The system automatically controls the steering wheel to park in the parking area.
  • Active Noise Cancellation system for privacy and maximum enjoyment

The 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine is the best of the power available in the Ford Ranger, which provides a maximum power of 213 horsepower and a maximum torque of 500 Nm. Combined with 10-speed automatic transmission For better response for both smooth and off-road driving The new engine, which is an option in the Ford Ranger Wild Track, still maintains the superior performance of the 961 kg load and can tow up to 3,500 kg. With a modern power transmission frame that uses less oil But give more performance and convenience Both driving on the smooth and off-road

Standard equipment in the Ford Ranger,Wild Track model (additional from the limited edition (Limited))

Engines Diesel 0 liter VG Turbo Intercooler maximum power of 180 hp and maximum torque of 420 Nm and engine size 0 liter twin turbo (Bi-Turbo) Maximum power 213 hp and maximum torque of 500 Nm (specific models. 4 × 4)

External device       

  • LED front fog light
  • The light illuminates the car
  • Sports bar and roof rail
  • Tailgate floor With 12 volt power connector

Internal equipment

  • Decorative light for the cabin Ambient light
  • 230V power connector
  • 8-way electric driver’s seat adjustment
  • Wild tracery interior set
  • Noise cancellation system in the cabin (only 4 × 4 models)
  • Intelligent Parking Assistance (4 × 4 models only)
  • Navigation navigation system


  • Airbags add to 6 points: front / side / side and airbag curtain
  • Front parking warning signal
  • Locking Rear Differential Gear
  • Advanced- Driving Assist technology (4 × 4 only)
    • Automatic emergency brake assist system with pedestrian detection system (AEB)
    • Automatic adaptive speed control (Adaptive Cruise Control)
    • Front Collision Warning System
    • Lane Keeping System
    • Driving Alert System
    • Auto High beam
    • Control system



These questions Was asked to come in continuously at the end of last week Many people are wondering why this time it looks weird than other times. Because when looking back at the launch of various new models of Ford, Thailand, the factory side often took out a test run. Running on the streets before months After that, it will be launched to the media and the public who took the real car to exhibit at the launch event. Which will not be delivered to various showrooms over the next 2-3 months, so after actually starting to deliver to customers

But this time why To have a car delivered to the showroom – dealers have a test drive, including a delivery car for customers who have booked. Before officially launching again! Why, why?


The main reason that Ford Thailand has to change itself is to do this. Because considering the sales year 2017 – 2018, it seems that the sales hope of the camp Being left alive at the Ranger pickup truck

In 2017 (2017), Ford Thailand made a total of 56,156 units of sales in every model. The top-selling number 1 of the camp is Ranger. It has reached 44,533 units or almost 80%.

Oh, 80%! Yes, the numbers are high. This makes Ford Thailand not resting. Allowing the delivery of the car to the customer cannot be broken. Therefore there must be a change Including the growth of Ranger compared to competitors From before opening this new Ranger T6 model in 2011 – 2012, sales are not considered very high, ranked 4 – 5. Over time, the goodness of the car gradually accumulates. Then start attracting customers by little Amid the downtrend of the saloon in the camp itself

Until the launch of the Minorchange version in 2015, managed to change the front exterior and front dashboard in the new design cabin With added convenience equipment The driving assistance system and the distribution of various devices to the middle and more initial models Making it possible to bring the sales of the Ranger up to the top of the table 3 or Top 3 successfully


From One Digit Market Share or the single digit market share, step towards Two Digit, the 2-digit pickup truck market share. Ford Thailand can make only 6-8% market share in the pick-up group in the cake. Total sales Every 300,000 brand pickup trucks per year, but when the Minorchange launches in 2015, it gradually moves up.

Until last year 2017, firmly ranked 3rd in sales Achieved market share of 12.2% and the next step in 2018 in the first 5 months (January-May) has already accumulated 23,018 units, market share of 13.2%

Continuous growth and growing interest of customers Questions that are uninterrupted As soon as he learned that the news on Thursday evening, July 12, there was a test car dropping gradually at the dealer. Check the news with Brother Og Sirisak, the reader of the Headlightmag that is a Ford customer. That there is a car to test drive

That made me hurry to book a plane ticket immediately that evening. Decided to fly the first file the next morning To one province in the northeast In order to request a test drive Ford Ranger Minorchange Double Cab 2.0 Wildtrak Bi-Turbo 4 × 4 10A / T (real long name!), Sure enough “as a customer”

What changes will this Ranger Minorchange have? Scroll down below!

Ford ranger left hand export,

All New Ford ranger raptor left hand export,

Ford ranger f150 export,

Ford ranger 2021 facelift left hand ,

Ford ranger left hand 2021 ,

Ford ranger raptor 2021 facelift,

Ford ranger raptor double cab left hand,




Ford Ranger Minorchange, 2nd round, focused on changing engines and new power transmission systems As for the exterior design work Not much change If not a Ford Ranger pickup truck fan, it may be wondering where to change. I therefore summarize the details of the change as a topic. To understand easily as follows

  • Change the new headlight detail (same as Everest)
  • LED Daytime Running Lights LED
  • Change the new design grille (2 lines in the middle line)
  • Change the front bumper to a new design (cut the dark gray strip out To be left with the part connected to the grille)
  • Change the fog lamp design.
  • Change the front fog lamp to be LED.
  • Change the 4 × 4 sticker on the side of the new design.
  • Change the RANGER sticker, rear cover, new design

Other details In addition to this, the same remains unchanged. There will be only the exterior body color, Pride Orange, which changes the tone to be softer than before. (Count that this orange There is a tone that is constantly changing every time there is a Minorchange adjustment ….)


For external dimensions Still the same, there may be a slight shift from the front bumper replacement (Waiting for official numbers again). The original car length was 5,361 mm / 1,860 mm wide / 1,815 mm tall. Wheelbase wheelbase is 3,220 mm.

The distance between the front wheels is 1,560 mm / The distance between the rear wheels is equal to 1,560 mm. The lowest distance to the ground Ground Clearance is 230 mm.

Wildtrak model wheels and tires are still original designs, the original size is 18-inch alloy wheels with Bridgestone Dueler H / T 684 II tires, size 265/60 R18.

The tailgate lid is added to the mechanical system, the installment system, the Easy Lift Tailgate pickup truck, allowing the rear lift lid to be closed to light weight, using less force to close clearly, including adding the end cap lock.


Come to the interior of the cabin Even if there are no changes But when looking deep into the details Will find that the changed points are the same Beginning with the four door panels from the original, it is dark gray with the black arm rest. Was transformed into a whole black panel Including the lower half center console Has changed from dark gray Is all black as well

The identity of the Wildtrak model remains the same. By walking the orange thread across the car Whether the door panel, steering wheel, top dashboard Gear lever cover and front-back seat

The gear head has a new design change. To support with Manual Mode of the automatic 10-stroke automatic transmission There seems to be no difference from the original. At night, there are 7 interchangeable interior lights in the Ambient Light cabin. As always, whether the door is opened in the door, the foot light and the various compartment


The gauge set is still a TFT color display, dual display, dual screen, left-right, which can change the display of information in a variety of formats. Including heat, coolant, oil level, digital speed, consumption rate, Trip 1, Trip 2 and engine gauge Very small Can only be viewed roughly Not a new split screen like in the Ranger RAPTOR

Touch screen, 8-inch touchscreen, AM / FM radio, 1 CD / MP3 player, support Apple Car Play / Android Auto The change of the audio set in this Ranger Minorchange is to add an external noise cancellation system. Noise Cancellation that is in Everest

In addition, the ability to increase SYNC3 voice command system that can be ordered in Thai language Including display on the screen In Thai language, then adjust the temperature, increase the sound, change the radio wave, etc., can view the voice command clip in Thai language Can be found below


Ranger Minorchange’s Wildtrak air conditioning system is automatic, independent, left-right, Dual Zone. You can either press the button on the center console or control from the middle screen as well.

Next down from the air conditioning switch Will be the address of various connection channels, whether it is a 2-position USB, a glowing light to provide for nighttime or a 12V charger with a beautiful cover By what is a pity AUX-in connection that has been cut out earlier


Seat cover of the previous generation Ranger Wildtrak I rather want to improve as much as possible. Eat almost the whole area of ??the cushion. Despite understanding that Designed to require the body to tighten up with the cushion But back to its surface It makes you feel uncomfortable at the same time and also stains easily and finally, today the Minorchange 2nd generation has been improved. There is a black mesh fabric, good skin contact, in various parts instead. This is what I and believe that many people want as well.

Cushion backrest Wildtrak symbol pump, like always walking around the orange thread Driver seat Is an electrically adjustable 8-way seat for the front passenger seat Is a 4-way manual adjustment, rear seat Can be folded, raised and folded down in one piece for placing luggage in various forms

Another thing many customers demand Added to that is the Smart Keyless Entry key system and the Push Start Button engine start button. It will solve the weaknesses compared to Japanese competitors. Unlocking the car from the outside Just insert the hand on the handlebar While the key is with the body Take the car and step on the brake and press the start button. The look of the key is new. As seen below


*** Engine and engineering details ***

The important thing about Ford Ranger Minorchange in this round is not lip makeup. Adjust the exterior design – inside the cabin a little as described above. Like other times But replacing all new engines and new power transmission systems according to the Downsizing trend around the world. From the original 3.2 liter VG-Turbo 200 hp PUMA 5-cylinder diesel engine, 500 Nm was replaced by a 4-cylinder ECOBLUE diesel engine. 2.0 liter twin turbo instead


Diesel 2.0 EcoBlue “Bi-Turbo”  marketed instead of the original 3.2 liter engine

EcoBlue TDCi 4-cylinder diesel engine in a line of 2.0 liters, 1,996 cc. (Working together between High-Pressure (HP Turbo) Turbo high pressure and Low-Pressure (LP Turbo) Low pressure turbo Controlled by Bypass valve) Maximum power 213 horsepower (PS) at 3,750 rev / min Maximum torque 500 Nm at 1,750 rev / min

  • Dipped timing belt in engine oil-in-oil primary drive
  • Engine cover With sound absorbing foam to reduce NVH: Noise Vibration Hashness
  • Compressor cover cooled by water
  • Aluminum Piston Repeated casting at the edge of the cylinder head, Bowl Edge Re-Melt

Compared to the same engine in the same model as the Ranger Wildtrak 4 × 4, the CO2 emission rate is clearly reduced.

  • 3.2 liter diesel engine VG-Turbo CO2 emissions at 239 g./km.
  • 2.0 liter bi-turbo diesel engine, CO2 emissions at 200 g./km.


New engine Must send power Matched with a new 10-speed automatic transmission, made of steel material Aluminum alloy and composite with gear shift button Manual Mode + – The gear head has no gear shift knob as the Ranger RAPTOR is provided.

  • Transmission oil filter system Sump Filtration and ULV
  • Variable impeller type gear pump, Off-Axis Variable-Displacement Vane Pump
  • Rollover One-way Clutch (OWC) Clutch

10-speed automatic transmission (10R80)

  • Gear 1 4.696
  • Gear 2 2.985
  • Gear 3 2.146
  • Gear 4 1.769
  • Gear 5 1.520
  • Gear 6 1.275
  • Gear 7 1.000
  • Gear 8 0.854
  • Gear 9 0.689
  • Gear 10 0.636
  • Reverse gear 4.866
  • Rear gear ratio 3.740

The 4-wheel drive system of the Ranger Wildtrak 4 × 4 Minorchange is still the same part-time 4WD as with the rear gear Locking Rear Differential


Changing gears in Manual Mode that changes from rocking the gear lever to the front – the back is a push-button + – at the gearhead instead of clicking. Click click to make fun. The feeling of wilt and shrink is very much! The reader, imagine by Should feel the same

In fact, if it is a push button on the gear head Should put the gear shift key that the Paddle Shift steering wheel is like, like the Ranger RAPTOR, but that’s it For a while, there should be people ordering Can be converted easily But have to pay more as usual


  • How good is the acceleration? Does the gear work smoothly?

Came to the point that many people wondered and wanted to know the most is the acceleration, of course. Changing the new engine, Downsizing reduced the capacity. Add turbo to 2 balls, making the power stronger from the original 13 horsepower. The new power transmission system from the original 6-speed automatic transmission to 10 strokes will work well?

The timing result is 0-100 km / h acceleration in the Ranger 2.0 Wildtrak Bi-Turbo 4 × 4 10A / T. It is an informal “preliminary” number (Due to unfavorable timing Can not test according to the normal standard of Headlightmag. Can sit 2 people. Total weight is not more than 170 kg. Open air at night temperature 25 – 27 degrees Celsius)

But the result of this timer is 1 person sitting, weighing about 105 kilograms, opening the daytime air temperature 35 degrees Celsius

Considering that the load is less than the normal test But the temperature is much higher as well

Acceleration 0-100 km / h

  • # 1 10.45
  • # 2 10.42
  • # 3 10.47
  • # 4 10.48

Acceleration 0-100 km / hour, average 10.45 seconds

Acceleration rate 80-120 km / h

  • # 1 7.34
  • # 2 7.35
  • # 3 7.31
  • # 4 7.31

Acceleration rate 80-120 km / hour, average 7.32 seconds


Compared to the original Ranger Wildtrak 3.2 4 × 4 6A / T, before the Minorchange (0-100: 11.19 seconds // 80-120: 8.79 seconds), it was found that the acceleration from a standstill or 0-100 made better time. Original approximately 0.74 seconds. Acceleration overtaking 80-120 improved 1.47 seconds.

Expected as a result of the interaction between the high-pressure turbo (HP) connected to the lower-voltage turbo (LP) that is larger. Controlled by a bypass valve that controls the operation of the two turbo engines. When the engine is low, both turbo will work in order to help increase torque and response when the engine is high. The air will not flow through the high pressure turbo. Making the turbo low voltage bigger Helps increase engine power

Character characteristics during the initial release of the new 2.0 2.0 Bi-Turbo engine are quite close to 3.2 VG-Turbo. And the power comes continuously, unlike the Colorado 2.8 Duramax II 200 horsepower that jumped behind the seat.

There is also a new 10-speed automatic transmission that runs continuously. The operation of the gear depends on the throttle force. Sometimes viewed from the screen showing the gear position. The gear shifted from position 1 to 3 to 5 due to the very close ratio. So I have to cross the gear.

Including the weight of the car that is reduced from the original approximately 64 kilograms

  • Ranger DBL 3.2 VG-Turbo Wildtrak 4 × 4 6A / T Weight 2,220 kg
  • Ranger DBL 2.0 Wildtrak Bi-Turbo 4 × 4 10A / T Weight 2,156 kg


  • Engine cycle How low is each neighborhood in the low cycle?

Engine cycles at various speed zones Quite low As a result of using 10-speed automatic transmission that can be sub-alley, the gear ratio is great. Thus helping to improve the engine cycle and fuel economy

Speed ??(km / h) @ Engine speed (at the highest gear: can not be cut into higher gears)

  • 80 km / h @ 1,600 rpm (gear 8)
  • 100 km / h @ 1,600 rpm (9th gear)
  • 110 km / h @ 1,600 rpm (gear 10)
  • 120 km / h @ 1,750 rpm (gear 10)

But if using a higher speed Makes cutting up at gear 10, then slowly decreasing speed Sometimes it can be used in various neighborhood speeds. In the higher gear position as follows

  • 80 km / h @ 1,350 rpm (9th gear)
  • 100 km / h @ 1,450 rpm (gear 10)

If anyone who suspects that the device is low Will the car have power? From the experiment Found that the power of the device has been full since around 1,700 cycles / minute, so there will not be much waiting around Build strength faster than competitors. Downsize machines like the Mitsubishi Triton 2.4 and Isuzu D-max 1.9 where the strength will come around 2,000 cycles / minute or more.


  • Around this low machine What is the consumption rate?

Due to the above notification That according to the standard “normally” as done in the article Preview Acceleration / Consumption Headlightmag will have to sit 2 people, total weight not more than 170 kg, open air running 110 km / hour during the night temperature 25 – 27 degrees Celsius, but the timing is not Allow So I tried to simulate the same environment by sitting 1 person, weighing about 105 kilograms, opening the air conditioner running at a temperature of around 35 degrees Celsius (to compensate with normal testing conditions). Can get results that can be referenced to normal standards)

Starting with adding diesel fuel to the ESSO pump in the provincial town, paying headlines, cutting the trip set to 0.0 km. There is a destination to the elephant field. International Circuit, Buriram Province, then return to the same route Come to refuel The cutter head at the original pump, the original dispenser


The route that runs will have 2 lanes, each garden as usual of the provinces and the main road 4 – 6 lanes. Try to keep the speed at 110 km / h. Will have to accelerate to overtake some strokes But pressing the accelerator slowly To be as close to the normal test standards as possible The initial fuel consumption test results are as follows:

Fuel Consumption Fuel consumption

  • Trip distance 1: 105.8 kilometers
  • Add diesel fuel Do not shake the car 7.77 liter

Average fuel consumption  is 13.61 km / l.

Originally in the Ranger 3.2 Wildtrak 4 × 4 A / T before Minorchange made a figure of 11.48 km / l. It can be seen that the engine fuel consumption of the new Ranger Minorchange 2.0 Wildtrak Bi-Turbo 4 × 4 10A / T is considered quite acceptable. Better than before, up to 2.13 km / l (informal numbers)


  • The bottom has come news that there is a real improvement?! 

The front suspension is independent. Double Wishbone with Coil Spring The rear suspension, stacked leaf spring, has a new suspension. To support the lighter engine Including the intention of Shet to please most people

The result is The soft suspension is much more comfortable !!! Until I can say that I have now stopped complaining about the stiffness of the suspension in the Ranger. Can be done gently In the overall picture, the shock absorption is better than in the Colorado Minorchange. Confidence, firmness at high speeds are still good. Even compared to the original Confidence will be reduced from this added softness. But it can be considered badly

Although less confident in the high speed, when encountering uneven roads or throwing some curves But when compared to competitors, the Ranger Minorchange still works best in the group as always. Changing lanes at high speeds Can do it firmly There is no more tossing than too much.

Personally, it is considered a balance set that is balanced to fit. Between the softness of the ride and the confidence of driving well But people who use the original version may say The original is more confident in high speed.


The EPAS electric power steering is expected to have a heavier adjustment of the hand at low speed. From the original that is quite light The steering wheel weight at high speed Well done right

Double front brake system, disc brakes with double fins – rear brake drum brakes come in deep vertical keys. Have to press a lot as before But felt that the speed delay was slightly better than the previous model For some people, it may be a bit more familiar. If ever driving, but some models that have a shallow brake set

As for the safety system and driving assistance Has been added from the original 2 systems

  • Added automatic parking assist system. Active Parking Assist
  • Added automatic braking system, vehicle detection and pedestrian AEB: Autonomous Emergency Braking
    • The AEB automatic braking system uses radar and front camera to detect the front object. Work when the speed is more than 3.6 km / hour (Usually the original system Front collision warning The Forward Collision Warning System will only send signal and warning signals. Does not help to exert brake force automatically)



***** Introduction to the Ford Ranger Minorchange 2.0 Wildtrak Bi-Turbo 4 × 4 10A / T *****

Minorchange version update, this time the main thing is the new diesel engine. According to the trend of reducing the capacity And 10-speed automatic transmission that performs the initial work well But may be disappointed for some people who are hoping for a 2.0 Bi-Turbo engine because in fact Power increased only 13 horsepower with the same torque. May not be able to cause the car to hit the back of the seat Both with a large body size and a larger body weight than the competitors in the market (heavy weight 2,156 kg / Hilux Revo 2,070 kg / D-max 1,990 kg / Triton Athlete 1,870 kg / Navara 2,035 kg / Colorado 2,062 kg) That may not be as many people hope

But if compared with the original engine with 5 cylinders, the capacity of 3.2 liters, the new engine remaining 4 cylinders, reduced the capacity to just 2.0 liters, making numbers better than before. Both in the area and the acceleration, overtaking shows that Ford thrust the power from this machine. (Until sometimes I thought that if I found the owner of the foot heavy, I couldn’t use it for a long time during the small throttle With a lot of small horses The latter may be shabby faster?)

In addition, in terms of economy Considered quite outstanding from the original Save more than 2 km / liter However, if tested with the same standard, it is expected to be able to make better economic numbers. Having a 10-speed automatic transmission helps to make the engine speed at low travel speeds.

However, Ranger Double Cab Wildtrak 2.0 Bi-Turbo 4 × 4 10A / T is “likely” to be a “4-door 4-wheel drive that produces the best acceleration and consumption numbers of the table”

I use the word promising …

Including the suspension that is softened Appease more passengers, making Ranger now more responsive to the needs of most people. Now, it will only be a matter that everyone is worried about. That is … what I want to leave


Must ask to say again and again Dealing with Ford’s problems and after-sales service is not good. Compared to many camps Despite being developed But still need to develop a lot further This does not mean the hospitality of the service center. Many people may be misunderstood. Tell me that the reception room is good. There are snacks, water to eat, cold air, polite staff. That is a part. Which I went to explore by myself Considered doing well in this area With many service centers found

But the main part is to cope with the problem when the car has a problem. Still not doing well Many times to tell customers that What is this problem caused? And what to do next. How to solve? It still takes time to give answers to customers for a long time. Including claiming quality parts Who is not sure which policy is from? That there must be a problem before claiming to know that the part has a problem Customers come to claim a lot. Should be changed first Without having to damage first To make a claim That shows that the car must be broken in the middle of the way before claiming?!?! (Inter-spill pipe leak, many people would know)

Just left at this point. That Ford still has to do enough homework If wanting to gain more market share For Thai customers, it may not be the same as anywhere else. Not to buy a car and finish the car, good to drive, good after-sales service must be well developed as well. For Ranger, the car itself is cool. Goodness is already in May add a little marketing to help promote each other Please Because he saw the intention of making the best product But must also develop in other areas

Believe that it is not too difficult to do If thinking about doing it seriously and sincerely

A beautiful saying that is updated and modified or will do that like this … not to prove with clear changes from the original

Whether or not you really?!?


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