2019 -2020 Toyota Land Cruiser & Land Cruiser Prado Export Thailand-Japan-U-A-E

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2019 -2020 Toyota Land Cruiser & Land Cruiser Prado Export Thailand-Japan-U-A-E

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Toyota Land Cruiser, the eight-seat off-road multi-purpose automotive product of the three brands, became popular in the US and European off-road markets. With many improved parts, the new Toyota Land Cruiser model 2019 can meet all expectations from customers. With the new technology of the drive system and compact design, it is a SUV that supports heavy use.Whether to carry passengers or tow boats Is the latest attempt by Toyota to ensure that This is a safe vehicle that guarantees quality and durability under the leading brands that have experience in manufacturing SUVs.

The current model of the Land Cruiser uses a 5.7 liter V8 engine without air compressor. With a power of 381 horsepower with 8 speed power transmission. The engine and gear are designed and developed to improve performance and have high power with tremendous traction. The new engine has a hybrid system. Electric motor and new battery pack The body consists of a lightweight material.Under the new structure which is better than the current model The main form of the engine will appear in the middle of the year 2020 or 2020. The

body dimensions are 4,927 mm, 1,979 mm wide, 1,879 mm high, wheelbase length 2,844 mm, front wheel width 1,648 mm, rear 1,644 mm Height from the ground to the bottom 226 mm, weight 2,637 kg

Overall, the new Toyota Land Cruiser 2019 will have a more compact look and more sportiness. New materials used in production are steel and aluminum. This combination reduces the weight of the body shell. Resulting in improved acceleration and strength of the chassis. LED technology for the new lighting system has a large impact compared to applications in different North American climates.

The interior space is spacious and has more storage space than the previous model. With a new dimension, a cabin decorated with leather and carbon-colored plastic products, a new infotainment system and a new digital navigation control panel with updated technical resources, making Toyota Land Cruiser Navigator 2019 Can be used better

Safety features in the new SUV that has been upgraded. Land Cruiser 2019 has full features such as front and rear brake control sensors, front and rear stop-start systems, drive control, downhill slopes Round view with 360 degree camera, side car alarm systemThe pedestrian warning system as well as the control of the system help stabilize Working together, these features help ensure that Toyota’s new SUV will help drivers and passengers to ride safely.

The new Toyota Land Cruiser 200, which will be available for sale in Japan, . It will emerge in the fall of 2018-2019. Land Cruiser 200 models will be available for customers in Japan and Asia, including North America, with Europe (some countries), but in Russia will start selling at the end of this year or early next year.


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